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A Note to Syria's Children

Dear Children:

 I wish this note was meant to inform you that the terrible war has ended. It has not. Rather, I write to encourage you to maintain your strength and your beginning ideals and your aspirations for democracy and for freedom. Although these desires now may appear elusive, dire and in some cases starkly impossible , you must remain resolute in your wishes despite the fact that the adult World continues to proceed at snail- pace toward a lasting peaceful resolution and solution to the conflict that has killed some 130,000 of your parents, relatives and neighbors including 11,000 of your childhood friends.

On the behalf of the World community, I offer my apologies for failing to immediately respond with force when your leaders gassed you with chemical warfare last year. I apologize for not being able to protect you  from the barrel-bombs of the Assad regime. I apologize for not punishing the tyrants who killed, harmed and maimed you. I apologize for placing other matters such as a nuclear deal with Iran as priority over your dilemma and plight. I apologize for the structure of the United Nations(UN) Security Council that allows Russia and China to block resolutions and statements condemning Assad's tyranny and crimes against humanity perpetuated upon you.

From my lowly chair here in Washington, DC, USA, I have advocated on your behalf for sometime now. I wanted and advocated decisive strikes against the Assad regime for gassing you. He wasn't punished, but you continue to be punished. What's wrong with this picture?

Dear children, it's a complex world of adult diplomacy - peaceful resolutions through negotiations; but the snail-like pace of such tactics seem not to take into account the day-to-day struggle, death and torment of thousands while discussions continue. There is so much more I would like to say to you, but I will conclude by offering a ray of hope, for on January 22, and should all parties agree and attend, the Geneva II  meeting concerning Syria could set into motion the framework to bring you peace. I pray! Be the best you can be and remain hopeful. I am reminded of the proverb that "good things come to those who wait"; await your peace, dearest children of Syria.

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