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A Note to America's Inner City Youth

Dear American youth, especially those of you in the inner cities; your neglect, marginalization, pain, suffering and struggles are duly noted. 

For far too long, too many communities and systems have sought to criminalize many of your acts of rebellion against being left out of the fair sphere to opportunity, life and liberty. However, I'm here to inform you that those historical discriminating practices that have stunted your rise, are on the verge of ending for good.

But they will not end until you have completed your responsibility to the New Movement for racial equality and social justice for all. Your foremost responsibility is to immediately desist from increasing violence against one another as recorded across too many American cities. These up-ticks in violence against your brethren that are also injuring very young innocents, should stop forthwith.

Any continuation of acts of violence against yourselves and others certainly plays right into the hands of those who would profit from the defeat of racial equality and social justice.

Your president Donald Trump, who has overlooked the highly contagious and deadly COVID-19 pandemic exploding under his negligent watch to infect 4-million Americans and killing in excess of 143,000, and facing election-losing poll numbers, seeks a distraction from the reality of the disease in order to rally his fading political base. And it would appear that deploying heavy-handed armed federal law enforcement personnel to inner cities, has been designated as one chosen mode to reach his end.

So do not play into the hands of any desired emerging 'police-state'. Stand down from violence in your communities.

Once you have ended the senseless violence, then the New Movement for racial equality and social justice could firmly take hold and become victorious by ending division and by electing a new leadership of inclusiveness, equality, opportunity and justice for all come November.

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