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A New Low for the American Presidency - Trump and the First Debate 2020

United States (US) President Donald Trump turned Tuesday night's first Presidential Election debate 2020 into a shocking and shameful demonstration of the decline he has brought to the High Office of President.

As if the childish display that the adult male president could not contain himself to the rules, procedures and decorum of the debate for 90-minutes was not enough to cast rational doubt upon Trump's cognitive capacity to sit as president, then greater confirmation of such doubt came with Trump's rejection of the voting process, his failure to condemn white supremacy and his non commitment to a peaceful transfer of power following the elections.

Trump's persistent speaking out of turn, interruptions of Democrat Joe Biden and sparring with moderator Chris Wallace, was a new shameful low from the American presidency. As a matter of fact, Trump's behavior was a national and an international embarrassment for Americans, who have traditionally been accepted as positive influencers around the globe. 

The BBC-News, earlier today, in reporting on the debate under the headline: How the world reacted to the presidential debate, utilized the terms - "childish", "grueling" and an "unwatchable fever dream" to describe the debate. But perhaps a most fitting description of Trump's dampening was summed up by The Times newspaper, which declared: "The dearest loser from the presidential debate between Donald trump and Joe Biden was America." 

The Guardian newspaper thought the debate was a "national humiliation" and it offered the following take away: "The rest of the world - and future historians - will presumably look at it and weep"; it added that Joe Biden was the only man who looked "remotely presidential" and the paper warned that if Trump was re-elected in November, "this dark horrifying, unwatchable fever dream will surely be the first line of America's obituary", the BBC-News reported.

And figuring highly on any such obituary would be Donald Trump's "stand back -stand by" non condemnation of white supremacy and the inevitable countering rise of the good American people against division and racism.

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