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A Needed Security Affirmation to Europe from NATO

In lieu of any declared affirmation to the security of Europe by the United States(US) President-elect Donald Trump, NATO must now confirm its commitment to the protection of the Baltics, Nordics and other European states.

While anxiety over meddling by Russia's Vladimir Putin has increased from Estonia, to Lithuania, to Latvia, to Poland and elsewhere, NATO, minus a US affirmation, is still capable of securing the sovereignty of its members and allies across Europe. 

Increased British deployment to the region, especially to Estonia and to Lithuania, could be matched by other NATO members to ward off any assertions by Russia. A declared affirmation from NATO to the security of the region could calm many fears in lieu of any affirmation to Europe's security from the US President-elect.

In the mean time, under President Barack Obama, who still holds title to the White House until January 20, 2017, Europe is assured  the fullest and the greatest protection from the United States of America.

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