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A Mockery of Democracy

Infantile experiments at democracy naturally come with some bruises and scars. In Egypt, the new democracy has been deeply gashed by the actions of the country's military. As a matter of fact, Egypt has made a mockery of democracy. Here, today, in 2013, we have had a military deposing a democratically elected government and the new régime now having the audacity to mention a return to democracy. Yeah, right. When and how?

If today's date was not known, one could swear it was still the 1970s because of the styled coup by the Egyptian military. Maybe democracy doesn't translate well into non-English languages? One year and four days was all the time the Egyptian military allowed democracy to stumble across the desert. How much time will the military give itself or the interim government or a new government? For a country such as Egypt with such an elaborate  ancient history,  one year seems really short for any experiment to equate. Anyhow, one must respect the will of the Egyptians.

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