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A Measurement of Societal Decline - Tainted Justice

I submit that whenever and wherever the quality and the impartiality of justice become adversely altered in modern societies, then a general decline of society will ensue. 

So, if the actions of United States (US) President Donald Trump and his appointed Attorney General William Barr into current cases before US Courts are taken at face value, then they have both, based upon such deeds and others, underlined the onset of the American decline.

Comments by Trump and concurrences by Barr per lower prison terms for guilty associates of the president amount to a decline in the quality of justice and clearly a hint at dirt within the Department of Justice.

That a learned bipartisan group of 2,000 former Justice Department officials would sign a letter demanding Barr's resignation definitely speaks of the gravity of damage done to the esprit de corps and the rule of law within the Justice Department. Justice should always function as an impartial entity. Tainted justice will hasten societal decline.

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