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A March to a Doused Beacon - Disappointment Awaits Honduran Migrants at the US Border

Thousands of Latin American migrants have crossed into Mexico seeking safe passage to the United States (US) border. The group of mostly Honduran nationals, fleeing violence and in search of economic opportunities, waded river waters and traversed a bridge in order to elude Mexican authorities in their dire attempt to reach the US. 

Yet, should the main body of some 5,000 folks reach the US, they can expect disappointment as the Trump administration has hinted at calling out the arm forces to prevent them from entering the US. Trump's terse immigration policy has essentially doused the beacon of light to opportunity to many potential migrants wanting to enter the US and to leave behind violence and a dull economic outlook in their national lands.

While Mexico has offered asylum to many of the migrants within the long march, only a few have taken up Mexico's offer with the majority preferring to continue to venture along the 2,000-mile hike to the US mainland.

This large movement of people fleeing their homelands because of violence and fading economic opportunities, appears indicative of a time now and a time to come that could become even more exacerbated with any downturn in global economic performance and as the impacts of climate change transform communities, societies and nations.

[I wrote this Blog days ago, but due to technical difficulties with my Internet publisher, I was able to publish it via my regular channel...this is a test to determine whether my normal perimeters have returned.]

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