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A Look into the Islamic State(IS) from Afar: Idea Two

Justice must be served upon the Islamic State(US) for the crimes it has committed against the innocent people of France, of Lebanon, of Nigeria and for the crimes against the ethnic peoples of Iraq and Syria, as well as for the crimes upon innocent hostages beheaded.

The recent violent attacks upon France that killed 130 innocents, for which the IS has claimed responsibility, are rare events that the IS is incapable of sustaining in free western societies. The scar upon France and the subsequent fear upon Belgium, were orchestrated and conducted to induce and to bestow fear upon European people and financial markets, ahead of the Christmas Holiday -  a major commercial event for capitalists. 

The attacks in France took major planning. It involved the IS spending a lot of resources to assemble the converts, shooters and bombers -  using what I believe, are designated captains of regions - sympathizers privy to specific IS plans, and individuals who benefit from IS cash and resources to plan, to recruit and to execute such terror. 

Should French investigators follow the money line connected to those involved in the French events, a pattern of the IS and its business with its overseas captains would emerge.  I believe that extra resources  were spent by the IS to inflict these terror events hoping to inspire 'lone-wolf' events elsewhere. So much was put into the attacks on Paris by the IS that I believe the group is now impotent to launch another styled attack as in Paris on free lands anytime soon.

Thus far, the IS had bet that 'lone-wolf' follow-up attacks would have been triggered since the attacks on Paris. They have not materialized in part because of increased security and scrutiny, and bluntly because some marginalized or disgruntled folks that once would have been inspired by the IS, are now realizing the fallacy of the extremists' ideology, and the unconscionable horror that any action on behalf of terrorists would cause to innocent people, along with the inevitable aftermath investigations of their loved ones and families. The IS has lost.

However, the danger of attacks by terrorists are still real. These dangers will remain as long as there is at least one individual who believes that he/she has been shafted by their community. Therefore, fairness in housing, in employment, in education, in opportunity and in justice must be reaffirmed in free societies. Terrorism can never penetrate and last within fair and just communities.

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