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A Look into the Islamic State(IS) from Afar: Idea One

[Disclaimer: The following is my assessment of the Islamic State(IS) and it does not represent the assessment of any government or intelligence agency, organization or group. This is my logical conclusion that could be rebutted by anyone of the six-figure-salaried analysts in the intelligence field, Think Tanks and Media Houses. I would strongly suggest that if anyone prefers a more common mainstream assessment of the IS, he/she should then read the briefs and reports of the experts and not my lay observation.]

The Syrian war, sectarianism in Iraq and a distrust equated to hatred of western values indoctrinated into a religious ideology, have contributed to the rise and the spread of the Caliphate seeking Islamic State(IS). 

Crimes against humanity committed by the Bashar al Assad regime against the Syrian people, have singularly delivered thousands of recruits to the ranks of the IS. Moreover, the impotence of international organizations to nullify Assad's war, has added more followers into the ideology of the extremists IS in lieu of other alternatives to governance, protection and retribution in Syria.

Also, the failure of the stalwarts of rights and of security to bring peace and to ameliorate the conditions of so many displaced people, including children and women, has contributed to thousands of western youth joining the IS, having been lured through well crafted propaganda disseminated through social media across the globe.

The sheer savagery of the crimes of the IS are committed willfully to inflict fear and to cause mayhem in order to revenge alleged historical wrongs of European and western nations. The utter brutality of the IS also confirms a total denunciation of western values that the extremists view as degenerative to humanity including gay marriage and other rights.

Having influenced thousands of believers, fringed and marginal faithfuls, no amount of military bombs will be able to destroy the terrorists for the crimes they have committed. Up rooted and removed from Iraq and Syria, some followers of the IS would still continue elsewhere. Therefore, any strategy to bring the terrorists to be held accountable for their crimes, must be centered and be focused on bringing the leaders, the plotters, the facilitators and the executors of crimes against humanity, to justice. If this remains the focus of all actions against the IS -  minus the emotional intent of those who have directly suffered at the hands of the extremists, then the group could disappear within five-years.

But there are other complexities of the IS that will effect any strategy aimed at dislodging the terrorists. More tomorrow on this Blog.

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