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A Judicial Order that Temporarily Calms Chaos in US Immigration

A Federal Judge in immigrant-haven Brooklyn, New York, yesterday granted a rational temporary stay of the immigrant-burdensome new White House order banning travel to the United States(US) from seven Muslim nations.

The American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) and immigrant lawyers sued for the emergency stay of the order from the new White House that sought a ban of travel to the US from seven Muslim nations - Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, for the next 90 days and suspension of refugee entry for 120 days. 

The implementation of the order from the Donald Trump White House resulted in at least 109 foreigners being detained at US airports and some 173 barred from boarding flights to the US at foreign terminals.

US District Judge Ann Donnelly  granted the temporary stay of the White House order.The stay applies to travelers who have already arrived in the US and those who are in transit holding valid visas.

Yet, the stay of the burdensome White House order is temporary. Therefore, constitutional scholars, humanitarians and social activists concerned with the continuity of the US as a beacon of refuge and solace to the world's hopeful, might eventually have to engage the US Supreme Court to prove that the White House order runs a foul of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution and that it is illegal.

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