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A Halt in Hostilities Should Precede Terms to Syria's Peace

A peace forged under intense hostilities is vulnerable to rupture. Therefore, ahead of any desired peace by the parties in the Syrian conflict, there need to be a cessation of hostilities as a prologue to peace negotiations - sieges should end and humanitarian assistance dispensed.

Talks scheduled on Syria's peace in Geneva, Switzerland, between the regime and other parties to the conflict, should adhere to the humanitarian demands of the coalition of the main opposition parties. 

"We have come to Geneva to seek relief for our people by insisting UN Security Council Resolution 2254 is implemented, which means humanitarian relief, the lifting of sieges, and the end of attacks on civilians," demanded Syrian opposition spokesman Salim al-Muslat, as reported by Reuters earlier today. His delegation will meet with United Nations(UN) Envoy, Staffan de Mistura, later today to address the opposition's demands before any negotiations could begin to Syria's peace. The UN Envoy has reportedly held meetings with the Syrian regime over the weekend.

Yet, in Syria, starvation deaths mount as international aid trickles to the most desperately effected civilians, who have been under military siege for a very long time, as Russia, acting for the Bashar al Assad regime, brags of conducting 468 sorties in Syria over the past week.

Peace to Syria and relief to those deathly and sickeningly effected by conflict could only come through a direct cessation in hostilities as a good faith gesture by all parties to attaining a long term peace.

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