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A Final Thought on the Iran Nuclear Deal

If history is perpetual while time still exists, then some aspects of history might appear as repeating from time to time. 

Therefore, in the wake of President Donald Trump's action to pull the United States (US) out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, a repetition of violence and war could be expected in the Middle East.

Israel's persuasive influence over the Trump decision will not gain the Jewish state any new friends in the region nor any closer to peace with its neighbors. On the other hand, the US withdrawal from the deal increases the likelihood of a wider conflict in Syria which could eventually transcend to other borders.

The scab over old wounds in the Middle East will now fall faster especially now that both Israel and Iran are already exchanging artillery fire with each other in the Syrian war theater. 

Greater conflict in the region could be slowed or delayed should European nations muster a deep cooperative association with Iran. However, such a feat will not be an easy task since European nations and businesses may face US sanctions for dealing with Iran.

Historical threats bearing deep wounds are today more plausible in the Middle East in the aftermath of the US pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. The full effects of Trump's action will become known with the passage of time.

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