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A Few Things Growing Old has Taught Me

First, I apologize to my loyal readers for not posting a Blog in the past few days. I had a milestone Birthday and that brought a needed time of reflection and projection.

With regards to today's topic: a few things growing old has taught me, I opine that a major lesson has been the sad realization that all the people cannot, do not and will not be saved. Many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die - the system of things is starkly designed this way - a designed implemented many generations ago and sustained by the todays mode of living - the political, economic and social system, reinforced by today's electorate and their choices for governance.

Humanity, though endowed with an inherent sense of empathy, often exercises harsh apathy toward each other out of selfishness driven by an individualistic personality to out do, to outperform and to out achieve each other. They remain self-centered failing to make the transition to other-centeredness. Too many attempt to materially do better than their friends, associates and neighbors instead of simply living within an accepted level of contentment.

But in all fairness to the self-centered, many times their stingy apathy is perpetuated by an experience of disappointment or caused by some conceived betrayal of trust.

Growing old has also taught me that the past practice of dropping everything at hand to lend assistance to another fellow in greater need, is not a habit to keep nor does it guarantee or mandate that another would do the same in kind. Aging reinforces that the needs of immediate family remain paramount and should never be chanced to accommodate somebody else. 

Moreover and perhaps most important thus far, growing old has taught to reinforce my desire and ability to full independence. 

Hence, a lament from an aging man on this November day, 2018, offered for your consideration. 

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