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A Dream Deferred in Ukraine

For days, I have anguished as to how best to spell out a reality to the youthful European and democracy seeking Ukrainians, who braved sub-zero temperatures, death, injury, sniper fire, tear gas bombardment, kidnapping and imprisonment to amass at the Maidan last year, to demonstrate their desires to be rid of Russian influence for a future of western values and civility within the European Union(EU). 

I am very frank, yet I have anguished as to how best to say to the youth of Ukraine that though your dreams are admirable and noble, that your aspirations are good and high, that your ideology is commendable and worthy, that your sincerity for freedom is heartfelt and touching; reality has determined that your dream of relief is not close at hand. The social composite of your country, Russia's meddling, an indecisive and an inexperience national government, earlier security agreements NATO signed with a supposedly World security partner the Russian Federation, and an almost empty treasury; have all played a role in deferring your dreams. Are dreams deferred - dreams denied? Yes! But you can change that with an unrelenting resolve, specific demands of your government, a full defense of your sovereignty integrity and perhaps, the most difficult decision of all - a drastic difficult change to your national boundaries.

Freedom has never been free and that's why most non aspiring people accept the tyranny of their oppressors because they lack the will and the endurance to stand for today, for tomorrow and for future generations. But you, Ukraine, you made the procession to the Maidan and that has signified your readiness and your intent for change and your demand for more. And since you have come this far, you must now come to grips with the tough actions needed to finally win your aspirations. (Tomorrow, I offer an analysis of impacts, failings and gains to win you desires.)

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