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A Demonstration of Flawed International Organizations - the Perpetuation of the Syrian War

While some diplomats have admitted failing the Syrian people because of the international inability to end Bashar al Assad's war upon his people, the crux of the Syrian debacle demonstrates a flaw in the structural fabric of international organizations, which renders them useless upon the objection of key historic human rights abusers, to ameliorate crises regarding humanitarian issues.

Hence, as both Russia and China have teamed-up on numerous occasions to block resolutions seeking to condemn the Assad regime and to hasten the end of the conflict, such actions by these two historic human rights abusers before the United Nations(UN) Security Council(SC), demonstrate a crucial flaw and an inherent weakness of international bodies to effectively solve humanitarian crises. 

The veto power of Russia and of China on the SC will continue to present a perplexity to solutions to issues until the free world recognizes this inherent flaw of the UN charter that was established under a different geopolitical time. As many national constitutions have had to be amended to fit the evolving modern era, so should the pages of the UN Charter. A simple majority of the Permanent Five on the SC could replace the lone-nation veto power.

Why? Because the death of 220,000 people including 11,493 children and 7,371 women in a stoppable war must not be accepted in 2015. It is a humanitarian tragedy that scars the civility of our times. 

That 9.5 million people have been forced from their homes since March 2011 and that international efforts to end the conflict in Syria have proved impotent, then more than sufficient evidence point to a structural flaw within international clubs that were developed to avert people disasters. Therefore, necessary changes should be implemented to avoid greater humanitarian calamities.

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