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A Day Later

I reached another year of life the other day, which apparently, signified and denoted that I am now on the declining curve of life - lol. And, surprisingly, in the the moments leading up to and during my event, I spent a lot of time in reflection and in vision to peer around the curve to tomorrow.

Not considering my own experiences, but referencing humanity's, I have deducted that humanity's greatest enemy is humanity itself brought to wrought by a failure to right historical wrongs; a waning empathy; classism; populism and isolationism; broken promises; and failures to protect the environment.

Historical wrongs committed by colonial powers in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and other places have never been fully addressed, thus, resulting ramifications will continue to be problematic to humanity.

Too many people remain untouched by the plight of others because they have suffice that such troubles of others do not impact their own day-to-day routines. A warning to all such individuals: you may not be touched now, but you will inevitably be nudged at some point.

There is no man nor woman more worthy than any other. Yet, some people with inherited or acquired wealth continue to propagate a system of classism via 'trickle down economics' dooming the masses to the orts from the table of prosperity.

Populist politicians continue to divide nations and hemispheres in world-splitting non-future isolationist views that recognize but one tree - their own, and not the entire world-forest, thus setting a stage for future struggles between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'.

Promises made by 'giants' to the meek that are broken are but additional elements toward greater radicalization and violence of societies.

Rollbacks and failures to protect the global environment are all contributing to humanity's defeat of itself at the hands of impending weather disasters. 

In addition, too large of a segment of humanity continue to watch Palestinians lose their lands as squalor engulfed their reduced and condensed abodes; the Rohingya people suffering perpetual stateless; migrants denied entry to ports of opportunity and solace; corruption being institutionalized; continued deaths of innocents in Yemen, in Syria and elsewhere; the retreat of the United States (US) as a respected global entity; the rise of the far right; Russian meddling; Trumpism; a decline of common decency and respect for all peoples; the onset of Climate Change devastations; efforts to hinder the inevitable rise of the People's Republic of China as well as other peoples; and an unrecognized resurgence of military rule in Latin America and elsewhere. 

A day later and a year older, I have found that if enough of humanity would demand good, fairness, equality, liberty, happiness and the rule of law, then it could become a reality. But so far, humanity's failure to correct its historical wrongs and to condemn the bad of the present, has established a path to more conflict and the repetition of past misgivings. This could change. The decision rests with the people - all the peoples of Planet Earth.

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