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A Danger Lurking within Democracy - Corruption

There is a privileged-club character disguising itself within the perimeters of the system of western democracy. That privileged-club character - corruption, threatens the survival of democracy as a modern viable form of government of the people, by the people and for the people.

This corruption goes beyond the normal monetary thefts and influences. This new form of corruption that if left unchecked, will certainly spell the death of democracy. This corruption has the defining character of unyielding patronage to the privileged. 

That a privileged few would be permitted to play by a separate set of rules different to those set for average people, is preposterous and unaccepted. The practice must be condemned and abandoned.

Therefore, to change the privileged-club rule, the people must stand in unity to demand better governance. The people must stand against the privileged kind and all other forms of corruption. 

Starting at the Legislature, then onto the Executive and continuing to the Judiciary, the people have the power to usher in better governance in order to defeat the danger lurking within democracy.

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