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A Confusing Egypt...

The confusing situation in Egypt resurfaces this week as the military puts former President Morsi and 14 others on trial. Some 20, 000 security personnel have been deployed around Cairo as the Muslim Brotherhood calls for a day of protest today to decry the trial and prosecution of Morsi. The trial was adjourned for a while this morning as Morsi refused to recognize the legitimacy of the military government with his refusal to wear a prisoner's uniform for trial as is the norm in Egypt for accused persons. Morsi is being tried for murder in connection with protests in Egypt.

What makes this Egyptian question even more confusing is the fact that Morsi was the country's first democratically elected president. What will the future of democracy look like in Egypt? How will the growing number of young people perceive this western form of government? Will former terrorists ever trust the democratic process?

A confusing time lies ahead in Egypt.

The Court in Cairo has now adjourned Morsi's trial until January 8 and this came after Morsi and his team challenged the legitimacy of the Court to try them, rather they said, their accusers should be the ones on trial.

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