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A Complex Egypt Question

It's a complex situation in Egypt that needs to be solved before it festers and transcends Egyptian borders . Time is of the essence  because the first signs of inflammation are beginning to ooze from a festering wound within a scarred Egypt. The Sinai Peninsula is bearing witness to a build-up of extremists and since last Friday, events there,  are already shedding light on what a continued-unstable Egypt would mean to the entire region. Radical groups on the Sinai are blaming Israel for a drone-strike there that killed four mujahideen. Witnesses on the ground reported seeing Egyptian army helicopters in the area following the strike. The Sinai response to the reported strike was a rocket launch upon the Israeli town of Eilat, where the Israeli army has confirmed the interception of a weapon by their Iron Dome Defense System. How are such events connected to Cairo? Simply, Cairo has not been able to dress the infesting would it suffered on July 3, 2013. Soothers of wounds have traveled to Cairo to render treatment and care, but the military-backed patient has refused treatment. Thus, with an open festering wound, flies will come - they will come from the desert and date palms, across boarders and along canals. Egypt, call your doctor, your wound is festering fast.

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