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A Coming New Awakening - Standing for Redress in the Absence of Justice

A new awakening not rooted in religious dogma awaits humanity, especially to the people in the United States (US). 

The new awakening is not the stark awareness by the many people of the staunch existence of systematic racism. It will not be the reality of flagrant social injustice in America.

The coming new awakening will be the standing of the many people for immediate and full redress and ultimate justice for the social injustices and acts completed over the many years that withheld equitableness from the victims such as Breonna Taylor, etal. 

This standing by the people will stun governments that have been complacent in the denial of full rights to some colors in society. The coming awakening will also stump the continuing co-conspirators who are guilty of racism and social injustice.

Disappearing as an action against injustice during the new awakening will be the historical inaction by the people against institutionalized and systematic wrongs. Immediate redress to grievances will be the mode of the time.

Yet, there is no inevitability of the association of violence with the new awakening. And any likelihood of such an occurrence would be totally dependent upon the adverse reaction from bad governance to the coming social inevitability toward equality, justice, opportunity and happiness for all. 

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