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A Close Yes or No in Scotland - A Prelude to a Future Question

A close yes or no by Scots to the question of Independence or of Union retention would set in a motion a future question that a super majority of Scots would have to answer again in the future - in a year, in five years, or in another 307-years. 

That opinion polls, heralded by media houses showing a razor margin difference between the "yes" and "no" votes, suggest that whichever side emerges as victorious would need to spend the next couple of years assuring and appeasing the other side that the won decision has been best for Scotland. Anything short of convincing the other side through deeds and economic development that that particular decision was best for Scotland, could result in a splintered and fractured Scotland deeply divided between Unionists and Independence proponents.

Moreover, in the absence of a clear super majority winner in this Scottish referendum, a clear mandate of the people has not been established. Thus, friction between factions could inevitably surface very soon. Whatever the result, if it is close, then Scotland might have to redo the entire question of Independence or Union again.

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