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A Civil War in Venezuela?

A beauty queen, shot during anti-government protests this week, will will be laid to rest later today in Venezuela. And as the startling beauty, Genesis Carmona, 22, is interred, an opposition leader asks of the socialist Maduro government: "What does the government want, a civil war?" Thus, such is the state of affairs today in the land of slender beauties and angelic waterfalls. From Caracas to the City of Valencia to the Colombia border State of Tachira, Venezuelans, fed up with state of their economy and the policies of their government, are demonstrating for change. Opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, who asked the civil war question of the government, plans to peacefully rally students and concerned citizens onto the streets of Venezuela tomorrow. And as Miss Tourism 2013 for Carabobo State, Genesis Carmona, is laid to lasting rest, president Maduro is dispatching 3,000 paratroopers to Tachira to quell protests. In Caracas, opposition member, Leopoldo Lopez, remains in jail accused by the Maduro government of intentional arson, inciting violence, damaging public property and conspiracy. Mr. Lopez handed himself over to the National Guard this week after a warrant was issued for his arrest following a rally in Caracas. Three people died when pro-government thugs fired at protesters, yet President Maduro, has singled out Mr. Lopez to blame because he had participated in protests in 2002, which led to the brief topple of former president Hugo Chavez's government. Mr. Chavez quickly retained power then. Now following his death, Maduro has succeeded Chavez. We will continue to monitor developments in Venezuela which, though oil rich, has major economic and socio-political problems.

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