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A Check on China...

A check on China must be maintained for Beijing's real aspirations and agenda for global clout are questionable. A communist government with a poor human rights record, restricted freedoms and no democracy must be checked, unless we all wish to live Beijing's way. China's recent demarcation of the East China Sea is just another one of Beijing's bold moves to assert control upon the free world. The United States sensing this forceful move by China has challenged the PRC by flying US bombers through the demarcation zone without informing the Chinese. Japan and South Korea have done the same in defiance to China.

This challenge to China must not abate. It must be reinforced for with China's recent economic wealth, Beijing has been behaving aggressively towards its neighbors in Southeast Asian - the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan. The US must continue to remind Beijing that the US will not allow China to play patsy with US interests in Southeast Asia.

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