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A Caution to the Likes of Donald Trump

While it has been easy for the likes of Donald Trump to stoke hatred and to arouse suspicion of particular classes of immigrants and of a religious faith based upon policy positions taken in opposition to humanity and counter to the spirit of America, to de-fuel anger and hatred and the associated effects, could prove a daunting task.

And that's why the likes of Donald Trump - seeking the backing of  an upset segment of the American electorate, ought to be more cautious not to inflame sensitive conditions of an already fragile social structure within the United States(US) that transcends to the entirety of the world.

Donald trump's views on immigrants and on Muslims are contrary to the ideals of America and of democracy. Now that he has publicized them to the support of a reported one-third of the Republican Party, Trump and the likes of him have in essence endorsed a religious and a class hierarchy not witnessed so overtly since the days of the plantocracy.

But the era of class and religious domination by a few has been over for 150 years, and Trump and the likes of him could best serve the interest and security of America and the wider world, by desisting from inflammations that they are incapable of controlling and definitely not able to cure.

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