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A Cause, A Duty, A Satisfaction - the Quest of Youth for Fulfillment

In search of a cause to justify their human duties and to gain the satisfaction of having accomplished something meaningful in life, hundreds of western youths continue to mistakenly attempt to make the trek to Syria to fight Jihad. The youth continue to make these flawed decisions because of the instability Bashar al-Assad has brought to wrought in the Levant and also because of their misinterpreted beliefs that their local governments have ideologically failed them.

In Illinois here in the States, a teen has been arrested and charged with attempting to travel to Jihad in Syria this past weekend; in Japan, a 26-year-old student is being investigated for attempting to make his way also to Syria to fight Jihad. And in Turkey, a 25-year-old woman has revealed the stark mistakes she took to Jihad having now escaped the brutal grasp of the ISIL. 

To understand why these young people would jeopardize their own lives for a cause that might seem so vague to others, requires an impartial inquiry into the cause of much of the instability in the Levant and into the self-satisfying desires and ideologies of each youth graded against the impact of Jihadists propaganda assimilated to them. While such in depth looks into each and every youth wanting to fight Jihad, is best reserved to the social psychologists, it doesn't take a PhD into the operations of the mind to deduct that these young people are severely troubled by what they have witnessed, read or heard about the Levant. Moreover, it could be fundamentally inferred that these youths are also dissatisfied with their local governments and societies.

But before any youth considers attempting what many others have tried and failed at, they should read the exploits of "Khadija", a 25-year-old woman of whom CNN has informatively reported. A former elementary school teacher in Syria, "Khadija" first joined the peaceful protests against Assad in Syria, but as the Assad forces became violent to opponents, she joined the ISIL. She has now defected from the ISIL in which she was a member of the female brigade because of the atrocities the ISIL has committed. Her story is one of a cause, dashed dreams, Jihad hopes and the reality of circumstances. She has found out that the ISIL is beyond brutal.

So, while many youth, disgusted by the crimes against the Syrian children and people by Bashar al-Assad, might be tempted to take up the fight to Jihad, they should be mindful that the ISIL is not the solution to Assad's Levant. The international community that has compelling evidence of Assad's crimes against humanity,  is now directly responsible for removing him as the source of so much instability in the Levant. Not much will change in the Levant until Bashar al-Assad is gone from the seat of Syria. That Assad still sits will continue to frustrate youth as to the true ideals of their local governments.

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