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A "Buried" Ceasefire in Syria

The Bashar al Assad's regime launched air strikes upon rebel areas across Syria yesterday and one such strike, killed 44 people at a vegetable market in Maarat al-Numan, Idlib province -  the deadliest violation of the ceasefire that the parties forged on February 27.

In light of this new round of violence by the Assad regime, one Turkish based Syrian opposition group - the Syrian National Coalition, has deduced that the regime has "buried" the truce. Its leader, Anas al-Abda, blames the Assad regime for more than 2,100 violations of the ceasefire in 53 days.

Therefore, "There will be no quick return to negotiations if the current situation continues," the Associated Press(AP) cited al-Abda. The opposition leader has promised to fight "even with stones" to depose Assad. 

Peace talks on Syria's peace in Geneva, Switzerland, are barely holding on. Some opposition groups have abandoned the negotiations in light of the regime's attacks, while some remain hopeful of a solution to the five-year-old Syrian war.

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