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A Brighter Sun and Son Rise over London - Sadiq Khan is Mayor

A brighter sun of hope for the future now rises over London, England, signaling better prospects of integration, tolerance, equality and upward social mobility, as the son of an immigrant bus driver and a seamstress, is sworn in as the first Muslim Mayor of London.

Sadiq Khan, 45, of the Labour Party, a human rights lawyer, who was born in south London and the son of Muslim Pakistani parents, now ascends to the mayoralty of London admitting:"I'm only here today because of the opportunities and helping hand that our city gave to me and my family," the BBC-News reported.

Pledging to serve all the people of his city, Khan replaces Boris Johnson, a Tory, as mayor of London. Khan won 1,310,143 votes in the election, which according to the BBC-News, represents the largest personal mandate of any politician in United Kingdom history.

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