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A Boy's Body is Interred in Kobani - Another Victim of Humanity's Failings

The body of the slender three-year-old Syrian boy, which washed up onto a Turkish beach earlier this week, after he fell victim to the sea in a tragic attempt to find solace, was interred into the dry dusty dirt in his hometown of Kobani, Syria earlier today. 

With the burial of Aylan Kurdi, and that of his brother and that of his mother, by his surviving father, the failings of the international community to effect peace and comfort to millions of displaced people, is hereby further underscored.

Aylan died in the sea as he and his family attempted a perilous journey to freedom from Syria via Turkey to Greece. The small rubber vessel used capsized in high seas drowning him, his brother and his mother. His father survived.

Aylan's death represents a stark reminder of the tribulations of displaced people and of the lengths and of the risks many take in search of solace away from their war-torn lands. Yet, the Syrian war -  waged by Bashar al Assad upon the Syrian people, continues in lieu of the ability of international organizations and powers to close that tragic theater amounting to a failure of humanity.

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