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A Binding Agreement on Climate Change is Fitting at COP 21, Paris

In Paris, France, the twenty-first conference of the parties(COP 21), convenes tomorrow; and as the nations of the World gather in the 'City of Lights' for a history making United Nations(UN) conference on Climate Change, there's hope that out of this Paris meeting, a binding agreement could be reached to tie each nation to take the necessary precautions to combat Climate Change.

From Sydney, Australia; to New York City, USA; to London, England; to Sao Paulo, Brazil; to Berlin, Germany; to Hong Kong; and to Paris -  where 20,000 pairs of shoes will take the place of advocates for climate change, people are standing across the globe and demanding immediate action on climate change. 

The strength of the messages for action on Climate Change from the people of the world is best summed up by a placard from Sydney, Australia that reminds the human race: "There is no Planet B." 

Therefore, the nations of the World have the opportunity at Paris, starting tomorrow and lasting until December 11, to bring into light a new dawn of protections of the environment that could combat Climate Change and the potential disastrous effects of inaction.

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