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A Big Alliance or a Sounder Alliance - the Turkish Question within NATO

There is inherent strength in unity - the stronger and the closer the unity, the sounder and the more effective it becomes. In contrast, there is also strength in sheer vast numbers, yet, if overwhelming numbers are not sound and are not closely bonded, the numbers could be easily toppled like leaning dominoes.

Hence, Turkey's membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO), has offered numerical strength as a strategic partner over the years. However, recent actions by the Turkish government, appear to be tilt that nation eastward. The Turkish leadership's apparent clamor for special treatment as it moves closer to authoritarianism is an area of great concern. 

No special services over and above that accorded to other organization members should ever be extended to Turkey. If Turkey is not a genuine and a true member of the alliance, then Turkey should go its way. Moreover, if Turkish hospitality to refugees in Turkey and in Syria has been conducted not of out the humanitarian spirit, but under some hidden political agenda, then other nations should not fold to insistence from Turkey to extend special services to the Turkish government because of its perceived impartial cooperation.

A sound common alliance remains greater that a forged one of large numbers. Liberty, equality and the rule of law remain paramount of any just and effective alliance.

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