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A Bad Time for Human Instability - Reconciliation Needed to Fight a Behemoth Foe - Climate Change

War, terror, agitations and divisions are problematic to humanity's continuity. If the debilitating effects of Climate Change are added in, then the human species face an even more catastrophic outlook.

And if the ramifications of scientific and real concerns of atmospheric Climate Change from burning fossil fuels and the environmental hazards of dumping plastics and other matter into rivers, lakes, seas and oceans are not dire enough, a new report set for release, May 6, 2019, according to the BBC-News, warns that Climate Change can't be halted if soil degradation continues.

The report by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) - a panel charged to study the benefits of nature to humans, noted that there is three-times more carbon is soil than in the atmosphere released by deforestation and by poor farming methods and these were fueling Climate Change and compromising efforts to feed a growing world population, the BBC-News reported.

The report numbered 3.2 billion people worldwide as suffering from degraded soils with the location of hotspots being in South America - from deforestation, sub-Saharan Africa, India and China, where the ability of nations to grow their own food maybe compromised. 

Soil erosion, soil compaction by machinery, built over and harm by overwatering are compromising the growth of plants taking in carbon from the atmosphere and releasing soil carbon normally stored by worms taking leaf matter underground.

Professor Bob Watson, IPBES chairman, cited by the BBC-News confirmed: "There's no question we are degrading soils all over the world. We are losing from the soil the organic carbon and this undermines agricultural productivity and contribute to climate change."

Soil expert, Professor Jane Rickson, of Cranfield University, United Kingdom (UK), noted that while "Only 3% of the Planet's surface is suitable for arable production," sadly, " 75 billion tonnes of fertile soil is lost to land degradation every year."

Emphasizing the the crux of the problem, Dr. Joanna Clark, of Reading University, UK, warned: "...There's three times more carbon stored in soil than there is in the atmosphere. So imagine imagine if all that carbon was released, we'd get runaway Climate Change. So we need to keep the carbon in the soil." The scientists proposed allowing forests to grow back as the best remedy.

So amid war, terror, agitations and divisions, humanity has a behemoth foe in Climate Change to tackle and that is why all events to incite or to create instability must stand down and be quelled in order to preserve the continuity of the human species on Planet Earth.

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