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75-Years-Later - Another Defining Time Before the United Nations

As WWII dwindled and the United Nations (UN) became chartered, the defining task before the inter-governmental organization back then in 1945, was the promotion and preservation of global peace and security via a multilateral mechanism.

The diplomatic charter signing for the international organization was successful at San Francisco, California, United States (US), on June 26, 1945 with the heralded adoption of the said charter coming on October 24, 1945. The hailing of a defined time for peace and security based upon international diplomacy and in the spirit of multilateralism became a reality for humankind. 

Seventy-five-years-ago at the founding of the UN, humanity - very mindful of the global carnage wrecked by WWI, which consumed between 70-85 million lives, welcomed a frightful, yet hopeful defining time. And because of humanity's determined cooperation functioning, success has been realized in the form of a world-war-free globe for more than seven-decades.

Much like at the time of its founding, today's UN faces an onus for the deadly, present and persisting Novel Coronavirus disease pandemic, which posed dangers clearly equate to the deadly threats from a world-war.

In the nine-months since January, 2020 and the identification of the Novel Coronavirus disease, some 31,120,980 cases have been recorded worldwide with 961,656 deaths, according to figures at the time of writing from Johns Hopkins University (JHU). 

"In this 75th Anniversary Year, we face our own 1945 moment," UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has compared. He contrasted that with the current COVID-19 pandemic, economic inequalities, a climate crisis and rising tensions, diplomacy was needed move than ever today.

With the theme of this 75th Anniversary Year's General Assembly (GA) being: Confronting COVID-19 Through Effective Multilateralism, and with statesmen forced to join UN events virtually and to submit pre-recorded speeches because of COVID-19, humanity again is being encouraged, like back in 1945, to elect empathy, cooperation and globalization over apathy, isolation and nationalism as proven fixes for the woes and pangs of humanity.

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