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66-Dead, 600-Missing - the Fiery Tragedy of California

The sorrowful confirmation of 66 reported deaths and 600 missing in the wildfires of California is a reality of the complex relationship between nature and humankind, not a result of forest mismanagement. 

The natural environment of California has never been easily harnessed by humankind. Technology has had to be keenly utilized to permit human habitation in many areas of California. It is a most arid land - susceptible to landslides, earthquakes, droughts and wildfires. 

That 66 people have perished and some 600 are missing in the three-plus wildfires in the state of Tinseltown should not be taken likely or blamed upon the authorities in California. However, the tragedy should be taken as wake-up call to tap into greater usage of technology in order to secure better human habitation in the state. 

Man-made lakes and more water retention structures could prove viable. Reclamation of desert-like land is also another consideration. China has been reclaiming desert land with some success. Other means of preserving California as a viable place to live are also available. 

Whatever means Californians elect to combat their exposure to nature, one thing must be ascertained: California must rebuild. 

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