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35-Days Later - The US Government Reopens

The Longest shutdown ever of the United States (US) government, 35-days, has ended. President Donald Trump finally accepted terms to temporarily reopen the federal government. Those terms include no money for a border wall the president has forcefully insisted upon at the hardship of over 800,000 federal employees.

Trump's acceptance to reopening the government came upon terms that were offered more than a month-ago. Furloughed federal workers have experienced economic hardships and have lost two pay checks as Trump insisted upon a wall. 

While Democrats floated numerous options to reopening the government without funding for a border wall, Trump did not not budge for 35-days. However, continued high rolls of sick TSA employees and compounded with a recent Air Traffic Controllers staffing issue resulting in delayed flights, culminating with the temporary grounding of flights at New York City's LaGuardia Airport earlier today, have amounted to be sufficient to force Trump's hand to accepting a deal to send workers back to work, if only temporarily.

According to reports, the shutdown ending deal will fund the government until February 15 with monies provided for border security, but not a cent for a border wall. It is hoped that over the next three-weeks, negotiations would be fruitful to funding the government on a longer term basis.

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