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After the Low of 2016:

Future postings in this section will resume before the 2018 midterm elections for the United States (US) Congress.

Thanks for your patience.

The 2016 Presidential Election:



By Steven Beller, PhD.

One of Trump's biggest debate li(n)es was that, because of the Obama administration being weak on trade, everyone, the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Martians, et al. are "stealing our jobs", and that must be why so many here in the USA are unemployed. And this must be resonating because he keeps saying it. Except that it is a completely false picture of the US economy. 

The national unemployment rate has gone down, down, down under Obama and is now at 5%, which is nearing the minimum point in a modern economy. There are just not that many people without a job. Nor is it that the states where Trump is getting the most resonance on this, in the rust belt, are having a much worse time than the national average. Ohio's unemployment rate is BELOW the national average. Jobs might be changing, but there are jobs out there. Moreover, it is also not the case that there is more employment but lower take home pay. There was a lag, but median household income went up quite sharply in 2015 and is now about where it was before the Crash of 2008. Things could get better, sure, but it is just a BIG LIE to say that the US economy is losing jobs like a holed bucket because of trade deals. 

So why do so many people still believe Trump? Because, I guess, they want to believe him, and want the sort of job they had before it, and they, were made redundant by technological change (much more than any trade deal) and the economic changes that come with letting the market have its way. They don't want to change with the times, so that is why they want the completely unrealistic prospect of going back to a time (the early 50s?) when America was "great" (when in fact America is much wealthier, more educated, fairer and generally a better society now than it ever was then).

The other strange thing is that the sorts of jobs that would be good for the average Trump supporter: high-school-graduate white male, would be in construction and infrastructure projects. Yet it is precisely these sorts of projects that the Republican majority in the House has rejected time and time again when proposed by the

Obama White House.

So if anyone is to blame for there being a lack of the right kind of jobs for Trump supporters, it is the Republicans in Congress, and not the Chinese or Martians that ought to be blamed. But I guess that goes against the "value systems" (prejudices) of Trump voters, who would rather blame their not having quite the cushy life they think they should have done on a black man with a Muslim name and a qualified, well-educated and intelligent woman who lets you know it.

Steven Beller was educated at the University of Cambridge. He is currently an independent scholar living in Washington, DC. His books include - Vienna and the Jews, 1867-1938; A Concise History of Austria, and Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction; and Democracy.

January, 2016

The Early Campaign

Campaigning has started to select nominees to run for the office of President of the United States(US) to succeed the successful two-term Presidency of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the US. President Obama's term of office will end on Inauguration Day, in January, 2017, and he is precluded by the Constitution from seeking a third term.












Our coverage, commentary and opinions on the 2016 Presidential Campaign will start the first week of 2016. Stay tune...

Mid-Term Election Analysis

November 30, 2014

Democrats did not fare well in the United States(US) Mid-term elections in 2014 because they simply failed to rally 100 percent behind the policies of President Barack Obama, and as a result they failed to optimize the administration's sound economic and foreign policy accomplishments. Instead, failed Democrats ran strange campaigns lacking any progressive substance. Immigration, the economy and the fight against the ISIL and Ebola in Africa, were key subjects lacking significant Democrat arguments. 

If all the failed Democrats had adhered to the decorum of strong undaunted unwavering support to the Chief-Executive, the Mid-term results could have been different. Duped by Republican big spending machines, some democrats fell into a flawed notion that they should alienate President Obama because of his polled low-approval ratings.Democrats failed to stand united, and as a result, the weak ones were picked off away from the main herd.

Now Democrats could look back to the 2014 elections and realize that there was no mandate from the electorate per the present administration. Democrats could now suffice that what influenced voters was an anger at the legislature's in action sitting as the 113th Congress.

Come 2015, and the installation of the 114th Congress, Republicans will have control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Whether or not the business of the American people gets done expeditiously or if it becomes bogged down in partisan ideology, would now be controlled by the Republicans. President Obama's agenda has been clear and explicit from day-one - the Republicans' been simply to oppose everything the President puts forward. The President will not deviate, will the Republicans support a production legislature?


November 04, 2014

Today is Mid-Term Elections in the United States(US) when a number of US Senate Seats and all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives will be contested along with some State governor positions and a number of mayoral spots.

Earlier I had planned to deeply delve into these elections, but since June I opted not to. I decided that this democracy was capable and free enough to make inform personal decisions as to whom the future chieftains would be. Thus I will not tender any pre-elections opinions as to who will win or lose and why? Yet I retain the opportunity to provide a post-elections analysis as to what the results could mean to the US moving forward. I've made no secret of the fact that I am a supporter of President Barack Obama. Yet, my unyielding support for the President would never curb any criticisms I may have of the executive or his party in the legislature. Similarly, nothing will abridge my criticisms or any heralds I may have toward a Republican.

The best thing about today's elections is that the free people of the United States of America have the opportunity to exercise their rights on a democratic stage to select their preferences of candidates. This voting system as part of the democratic process is unmatched to none. And in the interest of freedom, equality and the rule of law, I encourage all voters to cast their votes early. The winners represent the voices of the majority. Godspeed America!

June 25, 2014

The results of primary elections are winding down setting the fields for this Fall's elections. Much of our take on the elections will not focus on the primaries, but on the general elections. However, I would like to extend my personal congratulations to Democrat Anthony Brown, Maryland's Lieutenant Governor, who last night won the Democratic primary for Governor. 

May 13, 2014

As the field assembles across the United States(US) for the Midterm Elections this Fall, real issues that should rationally dominate discourse before the national audience should be - Climate Change, National and International security and Economic Acceleration and Immigration Reform. Yet spats over the Affordable Care Act, the Benghazi Trouble, and Big Government could be made push button issues if the conservative fundraising machines successfully sway public interest.

(more to come)



In this 2014, key elections will be held across the country especially for the House of Representatives. Republicans currently hold a 233 to 200 majority in the chamber over Democrats. There are two vacant seats. It is important for President Obama to gain a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives this November. With a Democrat majority, the President will have the opportunity to complete his agenda started in 2008. Immigration Reform and Economic Inequality are matters still on the agenda.

In the Senate, Democrats have a 53 to 45 majority. There are two Independents.


Election races we are currently monitoring include the Virginia race for Governor and New York City Council District Seven. Check back soon for updates.

In the Virginia race for Governor, Terry McAuliffe continues to run a winning campaign. Hillary Clinton endorsed McAuliffe at an event in Falls Church, Virginia, on Saturday, October 19,2013.  


Here we go folks. The debut time for the fall Elections is the weekend of May 18th and 19th. We hope that all of you will sign up and be in Virginia on behalf of Mr. Terry McAuliffe. Check back later this week for more details.


In the race for Governor in Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe has rolled up his shirt sleeves and he is taking his vision for a prosperous Virginia directly to the voters. This weekend, May 18th, 2013, Mr. McAuliffe's campaign will launch a Day of Action across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Volunteers will fan out to knock on doors and to encourage voters to pledge to vote this Fall.

Community Affairs Consultants will join the McAuliffe supporters and we will bring you an update next week. Stay tune. The race is on, it starts now.


August 11,2013

We joined Terry McAuliffe for Governor team down in Virginia yesterday and we had a fantastic day of canvassing. Response was welcoming and from the trend, I call a 7-point win for the Democrat in November.

August 10, 2013

Later today, we will hit the campaign trial in Virginia on behalf of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe. We will do some August canvassing in Northern Virginia. We will give an update next week.

May 18, 2013

On Saturday, May 18th, 2013, we joined supporters of Terry McAuliffe(D) for Governor, Virginia, on a Day of Action in Alexandria. Unhampered and undaunted by a light to moderate shower, we canvassed a large swath of old Towne Alexandria on behalf of the candidate. Enthusiasm was high among the volunteers who went door to door to ask voters to pledge to vote in the Fall Election.

Feedback from the electorate was responsive and welcoming and in my opinion, should McAuliffe maintain such a presence well up to the November Election, he wins the race.

In 2009, the present Republican Governor McDonnell won Alexandria City 22,108 to 13,050 over the Democrat Deeds.

In 2012 in the National Election, President Obama crushed Republican Romney 52,199 to 20,249 in Alexandria City.

The math is easy. McAuliffe should carry Alexandria City easily in the fall, but he must continue to remind, to energize and to inform the voters of his vision for the Commonwealth. Mr. McAuliffe needs to forget about flyovers above the State as the Republicans have done. He must knock on doors and walk the streets with fellow Virginians. Should McAuliffe complete his tasks, the voters of Virginia will send him to Richmond with a landslide victory in November 2013.

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