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Deepest Sorrow to the Loved Ones of those Killed by COVID-19
Recklessness - the Trump Photo-Op and the Spread of COVID-19 at the White House
The Pandemic and the United States President - Crossing Fate
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Deepest Sorrow to the Loved Ones of those Killed by COVID-19

To the loved ones of all those worldwide killed in the COVID-19 disease pandemic, I offer my deepest sympathy. And to my fellow Americans, I send special condolences for all the untimely, tragic and unnecessary losses to the Novel Coronavirus.

I hereby join the good folks of an empathetic humanity in recognizing and sharing in your profound sorrow and losses due to the COVID-19 viral disease.  

On behalf of humanity, I submit my humble apologies to you loved ones for any failures that may have added to the untimely death of your special loves.

The Pandemic and the United States President - Crossing Fate

The White House in Washington, DC, has confirmed that United States (US) President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, have tested positive for the COVID-19 disease. Trump's positive Novel Coronavirus test comes on the heel of another positive White House COVID-19 result of Hope Hicks, a senior aide to the president.

Trump's COVID-19 infection is a remarkable twist of fate for a man, who has repeatedly played down the deadly infectious reality of the pesky and still spreading disease, which has already infected more than 34-million people worldwide; seven-million in the US; and killed more than one-million worldwide with more than 207,000 of those deaths being reported in the US.

A New Low for the American Presidency - Trump and the First Debate 2020

United States (US) President Donald Trump turned Tuesday night's first Presidential Election debate 2020 into a shocking and shameful demonstration of the decline he has brought to the High Office of President.

As if the childish display that the adult male president could not contain himself to the rules, procedures and decorum of the debate for 90-minutes was not enough to cast rational doubt upon Trump's cognitive capacity to sit as president, then greater confirmation of such doubt came with Trump's rejection of the voting process, his failure to condemn white supremacy and his non commitment to a peaceful transfer of power following the elections.

A Reality of Suffering - the Pain of the Families of the Victims of COVID-19

The sadness, the pain, the despair, the suffering - the Novel Coronavirus, via its COVID-19 disease, has casted a reality of the carnage of death upon humanity that has resulted in more than one-million people dead worldwide as infectious cases approach a staggering 33.5-million people. 

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has described the million-plus pandemic deaths as a "mind-numbing" figure and "an agonizing milestone" for humanity.

As empathetic humanity mourns the dear departed COVID-19 victims, the dreaded reality of the destructive disruption to human life posed by the pandemic is borne in the gut-churning sadness, pain, shock and despair evident in the eyes of masked grieving family members of those who have died.

A Coming New Awakening - Standing for Redress in the Absence of Justice

A new awakening not rooted in religious dogma awaits humanity, especially to the people in the United States (US). 

The new awakening is not the stark awareness by the many people of the staunch existence of systematic racism. It will not be the reality of flagrant social injustice in America.

The coming new awakening will be the standing of the many people for immediate and full redress and ultimate justice for the social injustices and acts completed over the many years that withheld equitableness from the victims such as Breonna Taylor, etal.

A Health Guideline Reversal and Questions - the Diminishing Authority of Health Experts Amid COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of the United States (US), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has been accepted and revered both nationally and internationally as a leader in public health. Throughout the years, whether on Ebola or MERS or the seasonal Flu, the agency's guidance has been trusted and accepted in the medical field and by the general public for many years.

However, since the politicization in the US of the deadly and still persisting COVID-19 disease that has now killed in excess of 200,000 Americans and based upon some questionable steps taken by the CDC amid the pandemic along with a health guideline reversal, a diminishing authority of health experts appears to be widening.

75-Years-Later - Another Defining Time Before the United Nations

As WWII dwindled and the United Nations (UN) became chartered, the defining task before the inter-governmental organization back then in 1945, was the promotion and preservation of global peace and security via a multilateral mechanism.

The diplomatic charter signing for the international organization was successful at San Francisco, California, United States (US), on June 26, 1945 with the heralded adoption of the said charter coming on October 24, 1945. The hailing of a defined time for peace and security based upon international diplomacy and in the spirit of multilateralism became a reality for humankind.

Humanity - Today's Dilemma and Events and the Choices Toward a United Peaceful Tomorrow

The traditional military might, political influence and economic wealth of the United States (US) has for decades successfully placed the Republic in the role of global superpower. Historically, since about the beginning of the Twentieth century, the world, its peace, and its secured stability have appeared dependent upon the faithful stability of the US and its role as the leader for democracy, freedom, opportunity, equality and the rule of law. So the affairs of America have contributed to peacefully shaping humanity.

A Forged Normalization - Flawed in the Absence of an Independent Palestine

The History of the Middle East contradicts any forged Israel-Arab normalizing success in the region done in the absence of a defined and independent Palestinian State. 

While all attempts at lasting peace should be welcomed and lauded like the current efforts toward normalization of relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, the non-participation of Palestine, Qatar and other Middle East Nations confirms the long-held demands that Israel must end the occupation of all Palestinian lands as a pre-requisite to any lasting agreements to peace in the Middle East.

"Apocalyptic" Conditions of Climate Change - the United States Western Wildfires

United States (US) Senator Jeff Merkley (D) Oregon, has described as "apocalyptic" the tragedy of western wildfires and their choking-smoke impacts upon a large swath of the dry American west, where deadly flames have sadly claimed 35 lives and scorched more than four-million acres in California, Oregon and Washington. Some nine other western states are also experiencing wildfires.

The New York Times, citing Senator Merkley's remarks on the ABC program, 'This Week' on Sunday, quoted the Democrat as saying: "I drove 600-miles up and down the state (Oregon), and I never escaped the smoke.