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At Work with our Dad
Take your Child to Work Day
Reactionary Violence - a Sad Reality of Agitated Times
A Sri Lanka Terror Motive - a Violent Reality of Hate and Vengeance
The Sri Lanka Terror - another Sad Manifestation of Savagery in the Modern Era

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At Work with our Dad

Seeing the world from our Dad's eyes is an unique experience. Seeing the amount of information he reads in order to analyze human thought and action is amazing. With him, we too hope for World peace and happiness and protection of our environment and rights.

Take your Child to Work Day

My two younger children - grades 6 and 8, are with me today, as part of a program to take your child to work day. The hardest part for me is attempting to explain to my children the terror, violence and evil seen in today's world. 

Yet, I believe that both my sons have a clearer goal to grow up and serve and love humanity including the environment as part of their roles in making our planet Earth better for their generation and future generations.  

Reactionary Violence - a Sad Reality of Agitated Times

Lessons taken from stark terror events in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, France, the United States (US), Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom (UK), the Philippines and other jurisdictions, must include the sad, yet true, reality that the human species has entered a destabilizing era of unconceivable violence marked by hatred, fallible ideology and gut wrenching reactionary violence.

While it remains impossible to fix every individual on Planet Earth to act, live and behave civilly as a measure to eradicating terror, there are concerted actions and policies that governments and peoples could employ toward minimizing the too often occurrences of the barbaric exercise of the cult of violence.

A Sri Lanka Terror Motive - a Violent Reality of Hate and Vengeance

In the aftermath of the March 15, 2019, massacre of 50 innocent worshipers at prayer at mosques by Australian white supremacist, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, in Christchurch, New Zealand, and on hearing reports of that terrorist's motive for the slayings as being to unleash fear upon nonwhites, I warned of the stark possibility of reciprocal violence.

Writing in this Blog @www.communityaffairsconsultants.com , on Sunday, March 17, 2019, under the title: The Reciprocal of Right Wing Violence - a Factor not to be Awaken - for peace Sake, I opined: "For the love of peace and stability, I hereby caution and warn those who hope, advocate, sanction and execute violence against the people of the inconceivable, unwanted and heart stopping reciprocal of right wing violence.

The Sri Lanka Terror - another Sad Manifestation of Savagery in the Modern Era

Violence inflicted upon the innocent is particularly despicable. The further perpetuation of such raw violence upon the most meek of people at prayer - at church, bear the full hallmark of barbaric savagery -  crimes against humanity, which demand the annihilation of the perpetrators from existence among the civil people of Planet Earth. 

That demonic savages harboring some type of warped ideology along with great hatred toward others could be influenced enough by some twisted entity or group to carry out the series of reported suicide bombings in and around Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Easter Sunday, killing 290 innocents and injuring another 500, sadly confirms an unhuman component to some people functioning as humans.

Hope, Renewal and Aspirations - Our Current Times

The continuity of the human species on planet Earth is replete with challenges and trials, yet with resolute hope, renewal from circumstances and with a strong aspiration for life, liberty and happiness, humankind has managed to forge onward with much confidence.

The unfortunate fire at the historic icon of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, two-days-ago, though a sad event, serves as a guiding reminder to humanity that although some treasures could be marred and some destroyed, greatness could still beacon from smolder ashes and dismay.

France Resolves to Continuity in Wake of the Notre Dame Fire

The French people have resolved to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral following yesterday's horrific fire at the historic religious iconic landmark, in Paris. The fire burned for nine-hours and no lives were lost.

Not only will the French rebuild Notre Dame, they will "make it more beautiful" as determined by President Emmanuel Macron, in a brief address to the French people, a few moments ago. Noting that the French Republic has "always have trials to overcome", Macron identified that what France does is "live" and that it has been "continuity that makes the nation of France.

To Saving and Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral, France

As I write, the great historic Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, is engulfed in flames - a sad event at the world-iconic landmark of Catholic, Parisian, French and international acclaim. 

As we pray, hope and wish for the saving of Notre Dame, we must pledge full support to the French people toward the rebuilding of this highly significant religious idol, which has withstood many setbacks since its construction start, by hand, back in the 12th century. 

We weep with our Parisian and French brothers and sisters at the unfolding disaster at Notre Dame.

Objections to Military Rule

While most militaries are idols of the highest esteem in many nations, they remain entities of security - the armed forces, the defense forces of the people. This inherent designation of the military, therefore, precludes the armed forces, as a body, from ever usurping to rule as the government in any civil society. 

The implied social contract that supports the military within modern societies also bars that military as the bearer and as the trustee of major arsenals, from all actions to ascend to operations as the leader of government in civil society.

Changes in Algeria and Sudan - Hope for the Survival of Democracy

Each time I begin to lose my remaining hope in humanity, an event comes along that restores my confidence in the girth of the champion of the human spirit and in humanity's aspirations toward happiness, freedom and prosperity.

Frustrated at the state of democracy in 2017, then into 2018 and already in 2019, my low expectations thus far, this year, have now rebounded to greater hope, thanks in part to the courage of Algeria's youth, who protested for weeks-on-end to demand their aging long-term often-absentee president, step down.