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Evolving Progress, Aspirations and Associated Trials
Failure to Fulfill Democratic Manifestations - an Opening to Radicalism and a Repeat of Tyranny
Blood in the Nile River - a Blatant Attack upon Democracy and Nobody is Helping
Toward Fixing the Cycle of Global Instability for the Sake of the Environment
Aspirations of the Peoples - Deferred or Realized

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The World

Evolving Progress, Aspirations and Associated Trials

It's that time of the year in most of the peaceful lands across the globe, when witness is borne to the development and progress of many young people transitioning in education via promotion to higher grades, graduations from High Schools and Colleges, along with numerous entries into Secondary Schools and institutions of higher learning. 

These are the good evolving progresses of the human species offering hope to a better Planet Earth of peace, security, happiness and the rule of law. 

Failure to Fulfill Democratic Manifestations - an Opening to Radicalism and a Repeat of Tyranny

Given the recent expressions to attain democracy by many of the world's youth from Ukraine, to Syria, to Hong Kong, to Algeria, to Sudan and elsewhere, the stalwarts of democracy should be made aware that all failures to support such aspirations could result in the rise and spread of radicalism and a repeat of tyranny.

Moreover, the risk of increase radicalism remains prevalent in all of the lands where the full development of the people is suppressed by conditions that inhibit full human dignity.

Blood in the Nile River - a Blatant Attack upon Democracy and Nobody is Helping

Like the manifestations for democracy and for freedom by youth from Ukraine, to Syria, to Hong Kong, to Algeria and elsewhere, the Sudanese young people have made a similar bid. But just as the world has turned its back upon the many recent democracy seekers, it is doing the same in Sudan as the military there cracks down upon dreamers of liberty littering the Nile River with their bodies - over 40 of them.

This year, the Sudanese people appeared to be well on the way to a reformed democratic government with lofty aspirations to a possible rule of law upon the ousting of the long-term dictator president.

Toward Fixing the Cycle of Global Instability for the Sake of the Environment

Since descending from brachiating among the trees, the human species has remarkably developed into today's highly technological age. From the discovery of fire, to the advent of the wheel, to specialized agriculture, skills and dwellings, to industrial revolutions and established motorized travel and air flights, to the routine of space exploration and satellite launches, science and technology have enabled an easier existence on Planet Earth.

Humans have moved beyond absolute subjection to monarchs to the founding of the principles of the rights of man, republics, communities and the multilateralism of international organizations and trade.

Aspirations of the Peoples - Deferred or Realized

In all the lands occupied by the human species, there are common aspirations shared by most of the people - the hope of liberty, of human dignity, of equality and of happiness within a framework of the rule of law. Yet, unfortunately, in too many jurisdictions, these apparent simple aspirations remain deferred, denied, limited, eroded or challenged.

But the desires of humanity having a strong resolute to achieving the basic necessities to human existence will endure in spite of challenges.

The French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, the American Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, acts to sovereignty by multiple nations, aspirations of peoples from Ukraine, to Myanmar, to Algeria, to Sudan and elsewhere are historical and current actions to enabling liberty, dignity, equality and happiness under the rule of law.

Findings, Expressions and Restrictions - Defining the Reality of Humanity

United States (US) Special Counsel Robert Mueller, charged with looking into the 2016 Presidential Elections, went public this week after more than a year of silence and he explicitly affirmed that his findings did not exonerate President Donald Trump. He found there was interference into the elections.

Mueller also clarified that due to constitutional limitations on criminally indicting a sitting president of the US, his task, therefore, was not to seek any indictment against the Chief Executive.

A Youth Call for Action on the Climate

"This is a task for all humanity. We young people can contribute to a bigger fight, and that can make a big difference. But that only works if our action is understood as a call". 

The sentiments of Swedish school girl and internationally known environmentalist, Greta Thunberg, and 22-year-old German Climate Change activist, Luisa Neubauer, in an open letter in the German publication, Suddeutsche Zeitung, calling for older generations to join the world's youth on September 20, 2019, to strike for the climate.

On Trade and Complications

If the parties to a trade negotiation could reach an equilibrium between 'give and take', then a deal is reached.

However, as simple as the premise might appear, trade negotiations are usually and inevitably very complicated and challenging.

Outside of the published data on tariffs and the varying degrees of percentages , there are the menacing and sensitive suggestions, necessities and demands for changes to a trade party's national laws in order to facilitate a trade deal. Under these conditions, some trade negotiations are busted.

And so it is...

If all the other days of the year could be as rightfully loving and honorable as Mother's Day, then humanity could actually achieve world peace and stability.

But sadly and in reality, the other 300-plus-days of the year are not devoted to the nourishers of the human species, thus in lieu of motherly love and respect; war, conflict, division, agitation, provocation, neglect and erosion of rights will continue.

From a Donald Trump initiated trade war with the People's Republic of China (PRC), to a military build up on the waters of the Gulf states in the Middle East, to changes in Sudan and Algeria, to a reckoning in Libya, to ongoing wars in Yemen and Syria, to the determinations of the Palestinian, Rohingya and other peoples, to a possible Constitutional crisis in the United States (US), to recent attacks upon religious places of worship, to the ever-present threat of terror, to political turmoil in Venezuela, to a plaguing Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo, to a spike of Measles cases in the the US, to Russian agitations, to right wing menacing, to an increasing danger of nuclear proliferation, to neglect of our vital environment and to a litany of many other affairs, tumultuous times are before humanity.

Increased Tariffs and the Eventual Victims - Consumers

United States (US) President Donald Trump has levied increased tariffs on Chinese imports amid ongoing negotiations between the world's two largest economies to find middle ground on trade disagreements. 

At 12:01 a.m. this morning, the US upped tariffs from 10% to 25% on some $200 billion worth of Chinese products. This increase represents a 15% increase over what Trump levied on another $200 billion worth of Chinese imports last year. China in that time also taxed some $110 billion on US imports.