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Losing Grip in Hong Kong - a Prolonged Failure to Engage the People
The 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall - Reflections and Warnings
Finally, a European Awakening to the Reality of NATO
A Word to the People
Those Responsible for Present and Future Migrants

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Losing Grip in Hong Kong - a Prolonged Failure to Engage the People

Hong Kong is unique - its history, its people, its strategic standing and certainly its political condition. With that said, I opine that Hong Kong's local governance, China's influence and control and western input, have all failed to grasp the basic necessities needed to return Hong Kong to its glory as a dynamic city, financial center and hub of East-West collaboration.

As a matter of fact, the failure of stakeholders to bring peace and calm back to the streets of Hong Kong, therefore places Hong Kong into a very peculiar position that could result in more unfortunate violence from radical local factions or from a dreaded invited intervention from Beijing.

The 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall - Reflections and Warnings

November 9, 2019, marks 30-years since the tumbling of the Berlin Wall. That wall, which stood for too long as a demarcation between western ideology - mostly propelled by the United States (US), and communism propagated by the United Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), served as a divider of people, especially Germans, since 1961.

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR ushered in a new era of freedoms and integration across Europe, thus the beginnings of modern Europe, which has flourished in the recent decades since the collapse of the wall with a united Germany and the establishment of the European Union (EU).

Finally, a European Awakening to the Reality of NATO

French President Emmanuel Macron has finally said what other European leaders have failed to admit in the age of the Donald Trump administration in Washington, DC: that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the body established to protect Europe's security after the Second World War, is "brain dead".

Media reports have cited Macron's admission from an interview he gave to the British Newspaper, the Economist. The French President attributed his observation to the waning commitment to the transatlantic alliance by its main guarantor, the United States (US).

A Word to the People

It's been a couple of days, by choice, that I have not written for fear that my words might be deemed as inciting to the people, who are stressed and pressured by and under the systems of their governments. Moreover, a mounting disgust over the attitudes of some leaders and their cohorts, both near and afar, is forcing me to rethink my allegiance to serve and to love humanity.

Although I respect and understand the lawful due process, specifically, as instituted in the United States (US), toward the removal of a world-disrupting chief executive, I especially find it very troubling to the integrity of our beloved Republic that selected parts of the present administration have the audacity to actually instruct individuals not to cooperate with a bona fide investigation by Congress into alleged Constitutional misgivings committed by President Donald Trump.

Those Responsible for Present and Future Migrants

People are migrating - they are on the move. More people will migrate soon and even more later. Whether or not they are refugees from conflicts or economic woes, present migrants will soon be joined by those fleeing the impacts of Climate Change. Thus, the question: who are responsible for housing this inevitable movement of people?

First, it is proper and fitting to extend sincere gratitude to those leaders and nations who have sacrificed political comfort and gains to accommodate thousands of refugees in recent years: Chancellor Angela Merkel and most of the German people are deserving of praise; so are the French government and people who continue to host large numbers of refugees from war and economic hardships; deservingly, the government of Canada and its people; and with some reservation, the governments of Turkey, Iraq and Jordan.

An Autumn of Protests - the Ire of the People

If major concerns have emerged over the months-long protests in Hong Kong, then the invocation of the ire of the people in Chile, in Lebanon and in Iraq is affirmation of an autumn of protests by the people, and that outside of Hong Kong, more than enough ill conditions exist to unleash the ire in many other people.

Inequality and other grievances are fueling protests in Chile, where the government has moved to cancel two world summits because of the associated violence with dissent felt across that Latin American country.

39-Lives Lost in the Pursuit of Opportunity - A Tragic Omen of Times to Come?

Last Wednesday, British authorities discovered the bodies of 39 people in the cargo section of a refrigerated truck in Essex, England. The deceased - would-be migrants, were apparently smuggled into the United Kingdom (UK) via Belgium from Southeast Asia. Their tragic deaths are a stark reality of the lengths and breaths oppressed people would risk in pursuit of opportunity.

While full identification of the departed souls might prove difficult to ascertain since media reports first suggested they were all Chinese, yet recent revelations have named some of the dead as Vietnamese, whatever their nationalities, 39-people have died horribly, perhaps by asphyxiation, in the back of truck in the pursuit for opportunity.

That Day Will Come...

In die illo veniet- that day will come - a day will come, when all of the peoples who have been denied a homeland, after many life-sacrifices and failed unwritten promises of protection, will inherit a land to caller their very own.

Whether or not they are the Rohingya people of Myanmar; the Palestinian people of the Middle East; the Kurdish people of Syria and Iraq or some other indigenous or asserting people of elsewhere,in die illo veniet- that day will come when all of them will become secure in their homes.

Solace in Canada Amid Current World Turmoil

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will get to form another government based upon Monday night's results of voting for the Canadian Parliament. 

Though Trudeau and his Liberal Party failed to reached the massive victory attained back in the 2015 elections, Canadians, in giving him another win at the polls, have contributed some solace to a world currently embroiled in political misconduct, controversy and upheaval from the United States (US), to the United Kingdom (UK), Spain, Syria, Turkey, Bolivia, Chile, Lebanon, Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Manifestations of Angst of the People - Lebanon, Chile, Spain, Hong Kong, etal

In Chile, South America; in Lebanon, Middle East; in Spain, Europe; in Hong Kong, China; manifestations of the angst of the people are on full display. And while these locations might be in a present state of flare-up, demonstrated by the actions of the people to conditions they feel dread and anxiety about, they are not alone.

There is a broad feeling of global dread and anxiety percolating among the people and fueled by changing and broken alliances, economic woes and austere measures as well as declining social conditions amid an endangered environment.