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Many Considerations to Safely Re-Open Schools Amid COVID-19
The Test of Science and Scientists in America
To Return to School - the Gamble, the Sacrifice, the Liability, the Science and the Guidance
Needless and Senseless Politicization of a Pandemic - Mounting Deaths and Infections
Somber Fourth of July Celebrations - Hints of a Worrisome Reality in the Republic

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In America

Many Considerations to Safely Re-Open Schools Amid COVID-19

First, I submit that if Donald Trump had successfully executed his responsibility as President of the United States (US) toward a rational and timely management of the current Novel Coronavirus pandemic, then today, fewer parents would be ghastly frightful sending their children back to face-to-face education this Fall.

In reality, Trump has mismanaged, or more than anything, has failed to lead any national campaign to fully contain the deadly COVID-19 disease on American soil. His failure to throw the full weight and resources of the Federal government behind containment efforts, has resulted in the highly contagious disease taking up greater hosts across the many States with spiking record numbers of infections and deaths.

The Test of Science and Scientists in America

The integrity of science and scientists are under test in the United States (US) with regards to evidence, knowledge and guidance best fitted to protect public health amid political pushes from the Trump administration to re-open businesses and schools in the middle of a deadly and still spreading COVID-19 pandemic.

Criticisms of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from President Donald Trump per the health agency's guidance on COVID-19, should not force public health experts to amend any scientific guidance in order to appease the political will of the president.

To Return to School - the Gamble, the Sacrifice, the Liability, the Science and the Guidance

Under the disguise that children are not as susceptible as adults to COVID-19, and that children remedy the disease better than adults, the Trump administration is insisting schools re-open for face-to-face instruction for the 20-21 school year under threats of withholding funds to schools that fail to re-open as brick-and-mortar operations.

In essence, as COVID-19 infections soar above 3-million cases in the United States (US) and deaths dreadfully surpass 131,000 Americans, and with no end to the pandemic in sight, the Trump administration seeks to sacrifice America's school children to the deadly Novel Coronavirus.

Somber Fourth of July Celebrations - Hints of a Worrisome Reality in the Republic

Durations of loud exclamations of colors bursting in the air over Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota and over the National Mall, in Washington, D.C., marking the 244th Independence of the United States (US), could not detract from nor obscure the grim reality of growing COVID-19 infections and deaths in the American Republic amid a deepening social divide stoked by President Donald Trump.

As fireworks orchestrated by the Trump administration boomed in celebration of Independence Day, most of the nation elected for small subdued family gatherings to mark the event out of consideration for the still spreading Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Rushing to Re-Open Economy - More Hosts for COVID-19

Most people are socially conditioned to live - not just survive. So under past and present necessary isolation conditions mandated to contain COVID-19, it is only human that people, especially the young, be very eager to return to living instead of merely surviving.

Therefore, it should be noted that the blame placed upon young people by authorities for increasing infections of the Novel Coronavirus across the United States (US), is unwarranted and unfair.

If anyone is to be blamed for the spike in daily record breaking numbers of new disease infections, then authorities should blame themselves starting with the Executive in the White House, who must shoulder full blame for the concerning high concentration of COVID-19 persisting in the US.

Lowering Hate and Division - Too Long a Process

The State of Mississippi finally acted earlier this week to replace its confederate insignia-flag - a symbol of hate and division in the United States (US) that has stood for far too long.

That flag in Mississippi - the last state-sanctioned flag flagrantly depicting the symbols of hate and division, is indicative of but one of too many overt conditions of the vestiges of hate flaunty left in the American Republic for far too long. 

Moreover, such symbols, over the years, have served to confirm and to sustain systematic racism.

A Season of Uncertainty Dawns

In the clear absence of rational national leadership toward inclusiveness, protecting public health and unity, a season of uncertainty dawns among the people in the United States (US).

As the COVID-19 pandemic stays prevalent, deadly and still spreading across numerous American communities, uncertainty mounts as global COVID-19 infections climb above 10-million people and as the death toll approaches 500,000 victims. In the US - the wealthiest nation on the Planet with the most advanced health system and research institutions, the absence of national leadership and management of the pandemic, is witnessing infections soar above 2.

Wearing Facial Masks - Beneficial to Containing COVID-19

According to health experts, there are life-saving benefits to individuals and communities by people wearing facial masks during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Wearing facial masks, the scientists affirm, reduces the spread of respiratory droplets that harbor COVID-19 disease, thereby reducing the spread of the deadly Novel Coronavirus in communities. 

That some science-doubting people, acting upon fallible political rhetoric, resist the wearing of the simple device, which provides protection to doubters as well as communities, is plain dumb and ludicrous.

Waning Unity - Deepening Divide

Encouraged to partake from the wide-mouthed pitcher of 'spiked-Kool-Aid' towards its offerings of freedom, equality, opportunity and justice for all, I drank. I gulped like an out of water guppy thrown back to fresh waters, not the toilet bowl, and attaining a renewed quencher on life.

That was my acceptance of the ideals of democracy. That was my forgoing of pursuits to revolution and socialism. I gladly embraced the American dream. Taking an oath to defend the honor of the Republic naturally followed without hesitation.

A Note to Fellow Demonstrators for Racial Equality and Social Justice

My fellow good and progressive people demonstrating for racial equality and social justice in the wake of the police slaying of unarmed George Floyd, I encourage and beseech you to now stand down from public protests in light of the still persistent and spiking Novel Coronavirus and its COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent reports point to a spike in new COVID-19 infections in at least 12-states across the United States (US), as infections have topped 2-million and deaths have exceeded 113,000. 

That your overall health and well being are protected, I again implore you to stand down from public protests for racial equality and social justice.