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In America

66-Dead, 600-Missing - the Fiery Tragedy of California

The sorrowful confirmation of 66 reported deaths and 600 missing in the wildfires of California is a reality of the complex relationship between nature and humankind, not a result of forest mismanagement. 

The natural environment of California has never been easily harnessed by humankind. Technology has had to be keenly utilized to permit human habitation in many areas of California. It is a most arid land - susceptible to landslides, earthquakes, droughts and wildfires. 

That 66 people have perished and some 600 are missing in the three-plus wildfires in the state of Tinseltown should not be taken likely or blamed upon the authorities in California.

The Wildfires of California - Deadly Events Influenced by Nature

Whatever sparked the deadly wildfires of California that have now claimed the largest death toll - 44,  from such events, in the state's history, one factor remains constant in all the tragic episodes: nature - the arid environment of California coupled with the Santa Ana winds, and not forest mismanagement.

Sadly, 42 deaths have been claimed thus far by the monstrous Camp Fire, according to CNN and it has scorched 117,000 acres in Northern part of the state, gutting 7,000 structures, including 6,453 single-family homes and almost wiping out the entire town of Paradise, which has lost between 80-90% of its homes.

Wildfires and the Associated Destruction - a Reality of California

Three wildfires continue to rage in the state of California, United States (US), tragically claiming nine lives so far and the forced evacuation of 250,000 people, including the ritzy city of Malibu, home to mega mansions and movie stars.

California's wildfires, though at sometimes had been deliberately lit, are a reality of the arid nature and weather patterns of the western state.

The largest of the present three fires, called the Camp Fire, is located north of the capital, Sacramento, and covering some 100,000 acres, it is the largest reported wildfire in California history.

Toward the Reversal of Division, Hate and Violence in America

The prevailing trend of division in the United States (US) that is fueled by fear, hate, violence and idle rhetoric , is not a healthy attribute of a prosperous and world-leading nation. If the trend continues on its current trajectory, then it would inevitably weaken the Republic, thus throwing it into a state of decay with the likelihood of ultimate failure as a consequence in the long run.

No rational person in the US wishes this fate upon the Union. Yet, ongoing nationalistic, apathetic and irrational rhetoric that is slowly becoming policy, do run the risk of causing the death of the organism that we now know as the living American Republic.

Another Mass Shooting in America - the Second in Twelve Days

It has sadly happened again: there's been another mass shooting in the United States (US), this time in the established safe community of Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, California, about 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Twelve people have been killed, including a Sheriff Sergeant, in this latest display of utter violence, the second major massacre in just 12-days.

Reports indicate that calls to police of shots fired were received about 11:20 PST last night from a college-student frequented bar and night club in Thousand Oaks, California.

A Vote to Check Presidential Power - Democrats Win US House

After a seemingly long winless political drought that facilitated an excessive display of Executive power, the Democratic Party finally gained a political victory last night in capturing a widening majority in the United States (US) House of Representatives.

Shocked, bewildered, depressed and frustrated since the seating of Donald Trump in the Oval Office and in the minority of both chambers of Congress - the Senate and House of Representatives, Democrats are now in a position to place legislative and Constitutional checks and balances on an apparent runaway Executive, who has threatened to thwart the Constitution via Executive Order to fulfill his inkling to deny citizenship to children born in the US to foreign parents.

Time to Vote America: It's Election Day

Early polling stations have already opened in the State of Virginia and others in the eastern United States (US) will open soon: it's election day, 2018 - it's time to vote America.

If enough of us care, then we can protect our Republic from a trajectory of decay under a leadership of division and apathy. If enough of us care, then the beacon of light could be relit over our nation. If enough of us care, then opportunity, equality, freedom and justice could be attained by all. If enough of us care, then our environment could be protected.

The Hour Nears - Vote America

The hour nears to Election Day, Tuesday, November 06, 2018, in the United States (US). The Midterm Election is a contest of local political races and State governorships, but more importantly, a battle for control of the Federal Legislature, the US Congress - the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Republicans currently have a majority in both Houses which has supported and facilitated President Donald Trump's divisionist, isolationist and nationalist agenda over the traditionally multilateral US Republic.

Rain, Snow or Shine: Vote

The vote in the United States (US) Midterm Elections is coming down to the wire with voting day on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. I voted early. I implore all my fellow citizens to vote in this crucial election that will ultimately decide the future path of the American Republic.

While rain is in the weather forecast for much of the east coast on Tuesday, I urge all registered voters, who did not vote early, to withstand all inclement weather and make it to the the polls in order to vote. There must be no excuses for not voting.

To Unity and National Healing

Moreso now than at any other time in modern United States (US) history, the Republic lacks a ruling leadership of unity to affect an atmosphere of national healing in the wake of recent violent acts of hate.

From the hateful massacre of 11-members of a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the cold blooded racist murder of two Black people in Jeffersontown, Kentucky and the arrest of a mass-mailing bomb suspect in Plantation, Florida, the ugly cult of violence has resurfaced fueled by hate and amid a toxic atmosphere of division and nationalistic rhetoric.