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Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

Following the deal that reopened the Federal Government and raised the Nation's debt ceiling; is it possible that a better sense of reasoning now exists within the United States House of Representatives? This scenario seems far fetch, but for the sake of conversation, if the afore is such; is it now possible for the House of Representatives to pass a meaningful Immigration Reform Bill as the Senate has already concluded? Or will the House dissect the work of the Senate and offer up into the Chamber for a vote, tiny pieces of legislations they deem adequate to solicit Latino support of their agenda to win the White House? Consider.

Is Immigration Reform Alive?

Late last Spring(2013), I attended an Immigration Reform forum in the K Street corridor of Washington, DC. There, for the first time, I met Simon Rosenberg of NDN and what awed me about Simon was his enthusiasm about getting an Immigration Reform Bill passed. Since then, the Immigration Reformed Bill has passed the US Senate and the baton has been passed to the House of Representatives. On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, at his offices a stone-throw away from the White House, Mr. Rosenberg hosted  a discussion on "Evaluating  Immigration Reform's Prospects" with Frank Sharry of America's Voice and Tamar Jacoby of ImmigrationWorks USA.

Vote them Out!

It's official, the Republican House of Representatives has held true to form, as expected, members hinted yesterday that they would not support the Immigration Reform Bill as passed by the Senate. Maybe they wouldn't do a darn thing. Surprise! Don't be. The conservative nature of the Republicans in the House of Representatives continues to stunt all progressive measures across America. But they could be voted out of office at the polls next fall. 2014 is shaping up to be a most interesting election cycle. Proponents of Immigration Reform, gather your supporters early, vote these conservatives out of the House of Representatives.

Immigration Reform

The US Senate and House of Representatives are back in session this week and it will be interesting to see how the House deals with the Immigration Reform Bill. The inexperienced members of the House of Representatives could serve the legislative process well by taking a lesson from the seasoned Senate and pass the Bill forthwith.

Immigration and Jobs

The Washington Post reported to day that the Immigration Reform Bill passed last week by the Senate will provide lucrative business to some defense contractors. Splendid! Maybe the House of Representative will get the message and come to understand that this Bill is good for America, good for jobs, good for the economy and good for American spirit. There are more jobs that could be created under the new Bill, so one wonders about the skepticism of the House of Representatives. Passed the Bill already would you!

Immigration Reform Passes

The US Senate voted 68-32 to pass the new Immigration Reform Bill. I am not ready to run naked down Broadway or Constitution Avenues  because, the Bill now goes to Conference with the House of Representatives and I see a bad moon rising. But, I will keep the faith and pray...pray for justice, equality and democracy.

It happened

On June 24th, 2013, the US Senate voted 67-27 to approve an amendment to the Immigration Reform Bill. The amendment would increase Southern border patrols to some 42 000 and increase the length of the Southern fence to some 700 miles. Yes, it happened. The two Senators who had pushed for the afore mentioned amendment were able to galvanize enough conservative Republicans to affect passage . Will the yea votes hold up in the full Senate vote? If so, what will happen in the unseasoned House of Representatives? We wait.

Passage or Death

This week will mark an important milestone on Immigration Reform - at sometime during the week, the US Senate could vote on the measure. Sixty votes are needed to pass the legislation in the Chamber. Even if the Bill passes this test, what will happen in the House of Representatives?

Alive, if barely, in the Senate

The Immigration Reform Bill continued its existence in the US Senate this past week, when amendments by conservative Republicans were attached so that the matter could proceed. Attached was a doubling of the Border Patrol agents and an extension of the border fence to 700 miles. Looks like a vote could come before the full Senate sometime next week, then what will happen in the House of Representatives? It's anyone's guess.


It is uncertain whether or not the Immigration Reform Bill before the Senate will survive in any recognizable form. Given last week's attack on the Dream Act by House Republicans, I believe that much of the essence of this Bill will disappear as the legislation winds its way through Congress. Simon Rosenberg of NDN however is very optimistic that there will be a successful piece of legislation.