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No Escape from Crossing Fate - Trump's Inescapable Responsibility for the Spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.

Under no circumstance or scenario must President Donald Trump escape the fate of responsibility for the spread and still persisting Novel Coronavirus pandemic in the United States (US). 

The revealed audio tapes of Trump's confirmed knowledge of the deadly nature of COVID-19 and his admission to play down the gravity of the virus from as early as February 2020, underscore that Trump cannot deflect to any state or person, but only to himself, full responsibility for today's US confirmed 6,688,236 cases of COVID-19 and the 197,946 American lives lost to the disease.

Trump's deliberate actions to repeatedly not wear a facial mask as he lied to Americans insisting the virus would go away in the now past warmer months, amount to a willful deception of the the trust and oath of Office of President of the United States. Trump endangered the lives of millions of Americans by withholding the actual deadly nature of the Novel Coronavirus. Americans have died by the tens of thousands as Trump sat on the truth about COVID-19. Therefore, Trump is responsible for thousands of American deaths.

Attempts to deflect blame onto China for what has sadly happened, and what continues to occur in the US because of COVID-19, by Trump and others, including the departed US Ambassador in Beijing, are ludicrous. While it could be argued that the local Wuhan government tried to hide the nature of the Novel Coronavirus from its own Central government, and thus the world, China's government did make a faithful declaration of the emerging disease to the World Health Organization (WHO) and to the world in a timely manner. So, just like European nations and others acted to contain the disease as best they could, the US could have done the same. 

Moreover, having a full functioning embassy in Beijing and also having the best  technological satellites and the best intelligence service known to humanity, Trump knew what was present and what was coming in terms of COVID-19. Yet, he opted to lie, to blame others and to send non scientific messages regarding the virus. Thus, he failed to act to protect American lives. 

Therefore, Trump must not escape from crossing fate of responsibility for COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States. That fate must be dealt at the polls on November 3, 2020.