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The Condition of Democracy - Actions by Bad Actors

Democracy remains the most ideal of today's political systems. Yet, it has, and it wrongfully continues to get a bad critique from far too many people, myself included, who have erringly sought to condemn democracy, even though the representative system has not changed, but has severely been victimized by a bunch of bad actors leading to democracy receiving a bad rap.

Therefore, all attempts to blame democracy for any of today's failing systems or declining states, are fallible. Democracy remains well and potent as a purveyor of life, liberty, happiness, equality, opportunity and the rule of law. 

What appears to be today's weakening democracies are actual deliberate actions by bad actors and the resulting manifestations within traditionally good democratic governments. And, if the actions of these bad actors are left to perpetuity, then inevitably, democracy will die. Here are a few examples of democracies and their bad actors: The United States (US), Donald Trump; Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro; Hungary, Viktor Orban; Poland, Andrzej Duda; the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte; and some others.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that all bad actors, who are weakening democracies wherever in the world, be removed by the people as quickly as possible by whatever democratic means are available. Then the full light of the beacon of hope, opportunity, empathy, equality and the rule of law could return to shine over all of humanity.