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The Other Side of COVID-19 - a Long Deadly Infectious Feat

In the absence of any viable vaccine to treat COVID-19 disease, it seems that the struggle to get to the other side of the pandemic will be a long deadly infectious feat dotted and punctuated by new infections and re-flare-ups for much of humanity.

Worldwide Novel Coronavirus infections have now surpassed 13-million cases with deaths over 570,000. It is clear that the highly contagious disease is not disappearing anytime soon.

While the spread of COVID-19 has slowed in some jurisdictions where its wrath was first experienced, places like China, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, the European Union (EU), Nordic countries and other locales that instituted weeks-long unprecedented lock down measures to contain the virus, plus social distancing and the wearing of facial masks, many of them still continue to report COVID-19 re-flare-ups in confirmation that the pathogen is still active and circulating in communities. But because of the early and draconian measures these jurisdictions instituted, they remain at the front of the pack in getting to the other side of COVID-19.

On the other hand, in the Americas, especially in the United States (US) and in Brazil, where national leadership on COVID-19 has been absent amid blatant attempts to trivialize the deadly disease along with ineptness to adequately prepare and willful politicization of the very dangerous event have been rampant, the Novel Coronavirus has taken up wide new hosts as the US and Brazil have become the two most deadly and infected COVID-19 nations of the world.

In affirmation of the long deadly and infections feat to getting to the other side of COVID-19, the US is recording, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, at time of writing, 3,341,838 COVID-19 infections and a gruesome 135,425 deaths. The number of cases in Brazil number 1,864,681 with 72,100 deaths.

The US has recently experienced an up tick of some 60,000 new COVID-19 cases a day driven by Donald Trump's rush to reopen the US economy way before most states achieved the scientific benchmarks set for safe re-openings. The state of Florida reported an American record high number of new COVID-19 infections of 15,299 on Sunday, beating New York's 12,000, set at the peak of the virus over a month-ago in the Empire State. Florida is now reporting more new COVID-19 cases than the entire EU.

That COVID-19 will sadly linger longer in the US along a deadly and infectious feat to the other side of the pandemic is borne in the scientific data that 28 States are experiencing disease increases of between 10-50%; 12 states with steady numbers; three states with diminishing infections of between 10-50%; and seven states witnessing infection rises of more than 50%.