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Lowering Hate and Division - Too Long a Process

The State of Mississippi finally acted earlier this week to replace its confederate insignia-flag - a symbol of hate and division in the United States (US) that has stood for far too long.

That flag in Mississippi - the last state-sanctioned flag flagrantly depicting the symbols of hate and division, is indicative of but one of too many overt conditions of the vestiges of hate flaunty left in the American Republic for far too long. 

Moreover, such symbols, over the years, have served to confirm and to sustain systematic racism. And that these icons of hate and division, including statues, named streets and schools and buildings have stood for so long clearly demonstrate a too wide acceptance of racial inequality and social injustice in the Republic.

No wonder Black people in America continue to be unfairly treated. An established system of racism stewed in lasting confederate division and hate has supported prolonged racial divide and inequality. 

The benefactors of discrimination are not the only ones guilty of retaining a tainted system of racism for so long. Also guilty are the Black people of America, who, having suffered for the many years, have been too readily accepting of token 'bones' of amelioration instead of insisting and fighting for full system changes.

The Civil Rights Movement, laws and changes of the 1960s should have placed a full stop to racial challenges in America. They failed. 

Therefore, in the wake of George Floyd's slaying by police and the in light of global re-demands to end racial inequality and social injustice, the new Movement for full implementation of Universal Human Rights must not stop or compromise on any of the necessary changes toward righting historical wrongs.

The Long process to lowering hate and division must yield to immediate equality, social justice and national unity.