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Waning Unity - Deepening Divide

Encouraged to partake from the wide-mouthed pitcher of 'spiked-Kool-Aid' towards its offerings of freedom, equality, opportunity and justice for all, I drank. I gulped like an out of water guppy thrown back to fresh waters, not the toilet bowl, and attaining a renewed quencher on life.

That was my acceptance of the ideals of democracy. That was my forgoing of pursuits to revolution and socialism. I gladly embraced the American dream. Taking an oath to defend the honor of the Republic naturally followed without hesitation.

For more than three-decades, from Presidents Reagan, to Bush I, to Clinton, to Bush II and to Obama, I've borne witness to the national unity and global scope of this great nation - the United States (US). The destruction of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union, strengthening the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), peaceful trade and relations with the People's Republic of China, the rise and spread of the Internet and the information age, social upward mobility for many Americans, trusted respect for the Republic from across the world, global leadership in weathering the financial meltdown of 2008, strengthening allied relationships to combat Russian meddling, greater access to affordable health care, high hopes with teeming opportunities for all and accompanied by genuine happiness.

America, though not without flaws, since no place is perfect, has had a very trustful and respecting period of unity.

But today, that America has significantly changed. Gone are the times of an assured global sphere of influence. Gone is much of the respect once received overseas. Gone is the surety the US would uphold the rule of law. And most sadly, gone is the affirmation of national unity, which has fallen victim to recent years of stoking of division by the Donald Trump White House.

From Reagan, to Bush I, to Clinton, to Bush II, and to Obama, only Donald Trump has failed to genuinely and to meaningfully unite this Republic, especially in the face of an unprecedented pandemic and strained race relations.

With regards to the current and still spreading COVID-19 pandemic, which has infected 2.3 million Americans and killed upwards of 121,000 people so far, scientists and health experts recommend wearing facial masks to prevent greater spread of the disease, but Trump has blatantly bucked this directive, thus setting a bad example to those who take their cues from him and who are objecting to wearing masks, thus exposing more Americans to COVID-19.

Moreover, Trump's apparent non enthusiastic support for full police reforms and racial equality in the wake of George Floyd's slaying by police, are indicative of waning unity and deepening divide. Also his defense of confederate statutes confirms his apathy to Black America.

Trump's spats with Governors over leadership and responsibility to contain COVID-19 point to his guided divide in America for his political benefit. 

Today's America is foreign amid waning unity and deepening divide in an environment of isolation and decreasing global influence. It is not the character of the Republic. Therefore the people - we the people, have a responsibility and the means to salvage the Republic from greater decline.