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My Blog

A Personal Note on this Issue of Race in America

In the seven-years since I started writing this Blog, I've resisted many opportunities to include aspects of my own story. However, this recent global exposure of systematic racism, brought to the fore by the innocent slaying of George Floyd, at the knee of police, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States (US), compels me to provide a public statement.

As if all of you have not figured it out by now, I am Black, and very proud. I was born of the Caribbean Island of Barbados, where possessing an independent pen as a young journalist prompted a conflict with the late Prime Minister Tom Adams, which forced my immigration to the US in 1984.

I have four very smart and handsome sons: two-Ivy Leagued college grads, whose Mom, my-ex, is white; and two-gifted teenagers, whose Mom, is Asian. So all matters of race and its particular prevalence in the land of my sons are of profound interest to me. My sons are defined as Black.

Therefore, I stand in total defiance and rejection of all racist acts, systematic or otherwise. That either of my sons could be abused and slain by police based solely on their race would for me amount to a personal declaration of war against the guilty.

I deeply empathize with the too many families traumatized and victimized by the deaths of their innocent loved ones at the hands of a racist fallible system. I salute the families for their restraint and decorum exhibited to their individual tragedies. And America should thank these families for continuing to believe in some farce form of justice with regards to their dead sons and daughters. Not all people are patient of a judicial system that has often failed to ameliorate historical racial wrongs.

Yet, many minorities still harbor hopes toward equal justice in America. Therefore, given the history of events and current racial incidents, the time has certainly come for America to live up to its creed and promise that all people are equal. Equality should no longer be a dream, it must be an actuality of all women and men. 

Executive Orders to reform policing are not sufficient to remedy historical wrongs of racism. Cultural change is inevitable. Such change must start at the top, not from the bottom. When racial change based upon equality is faithfully exercised, then full unity would reign in the Republic under a true system of liberty and justice for all.