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Too Little Far Too Late

In the gripping exposure of the reality of racial injustice in America, which was finally made evidential by the video-taped police knee-choking slaying of unarmed Black man, George Floyd, jurisdictions across the globe are moving to reform policing. Yet, too little change is coming in the wake of the killing and far too late to ameliorate historical wrongs perpetuated upon Black people.

In some 12-cities across the United States (US), and in at least one in Europe, municipalities are pushing to reform policing following George Floyd's killing. Much consideration is being given to banning choke holds used by police. 

The Council of the District of Columbia yesterday passed emergency legislation banning choke holds by police. And in New York State, the Legislature is mulling criminalizing choke holds by police. Other similar or varying reforms are under consideration in other US states, while France is banning choke holds. 

Moreover, the Democrat led US House of Representatives has also passed police reform legislation. But that measure could be watered down by the Republican led Senate.

Whatever the cities, the states and the national government do per police reforms in America, they will be too little and far too late. The time has come and gone to fix racial injustices  via mere police reforms. While some areas of policing could be improved by reforms, which could lead to better police relations with minorities in a few places, the blatant truth is that racism is too embedded in American culture to be fixed by a few appeasing reforms here and there that would satisfy only one single grievance.

The culture has to change. Reforms forged in pity must be rejected. Black people seek no pity. They seek full equality. The Universal Human Rights of all minorities - of all people, must be accepted and respected in all societies in order to sustain peace and prosperity.