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Demonstrations for Social Justice Must Succeed

Current demonstrations being witnessed across the Globe for social justice and racial equality are rational and legitimate, so they must succeed.

However, in order for these demonstrations to be successful, the good people - the protesters - the social activists, must be cautious and wary that the racists cowering amongst them not slyly detract from the good intent and purposes of the demonstrations.

As a mode of distraction from successful demonstrations, some racists continue to be asphyxiated on rejected incidents of looting and violence briefly experienced in the first few days when demonstrations started at the slaying of George Floyd, Memorial Day, May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Yet, most demonstrations for racial equality and social justice have remained peaceful across the United States (US) and around the world.

But racists, still reeling in their historical misery and non fulfillment as agitators and circumventers of truths and facts, are moving among those neutral and in support of racial equality and social justice and they are highlighting the bygone and brief incidents of looting and violence in a sickening agenda to detract and to convolute from the succeeding Global movement for racial equality and social justice.

Therefore, demonstrations must be successful in securing the necessary reforms needed to promote racial equality and social justice. And just as our World will not return to prior norms because of the pesky and deadly COVID-19 pandemic, our World also must not ever return to racism and social injustice.