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The Concerning Ease to Deploy Armed Troops in America

It is frankly amazing and concerning at the ease National Guard troops are activated to quash protests in the United States (US), while any such deployment of troops in other jurisdictions; to wit, Hong Kong, etal, to accomplish similar missions, is readily condemned and deemed a violation of civil rights.

Let me be very explicit here; like most rational people, I do not wish to see entire cities burn to the ground in demonstrations for equality. 

This past week's multiple-cities protests in the wake of the killing of yet another Black man at the hands of law enforcement, have been met with the easy activation of National Guard troops to quell some violent reactions to the killing of George Floyd. Troops have been deployed in Minnesota and here in Washington, DC, to assist US Park police in putting down protests close to and around the White House.

President Donald Trump with enthusiasm welcomed the deployment of troops in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the epicenter of protests, and where George Floyd was killed last Monday. Trump's "no games!" admonition to troops appear to offer a go ahead to crack some Black skulls. He also affirmed this order  to police in New York via his suggestion that New York cops should do what they are the finest at doing in response to protests in NYC.

Arson and looting subtract from the purpose and meaning of current demonstrations against police killings in America. Some of these acts, video has shown, are not conducted by Black protesters, but by agitating whites using the tense events to purport a more chaotic and deeper division.

However, I contend that in charged protests such as those happening across the US against racism, arson and looting are never the intent of true demonstrators, but from time to time, such incidents sadly occur as angry modes of reactions by those deprived of redress to years of injustice.

But President Trump should be very cautious in his apparent call to deal with protesters with a heavy hand since what the world is witnessing from these multiple protests, is the sum of three-plus-years of the wedge of division he has driven into the bowels of America. Trump's attitude may have a worsening impact upon demonstrations since he is deemed as the divider who has soaked the anger of protesters with the gasoline of his "nationalist" admission.

Armed troops in the streets of the US are signs of failing systems. Discontent of the people can never be trooped away. It is high time a national commission on race, police actions and inequality be established in the Republic.