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Toward Rebooting Humanity on the other side of COVID-19

Humanity will, preferably sooner, rather than later, emerge on the non pandemic side of COVID-19. And when that time comes, which might appear like an eternity at this moment, humankind will have the opportunity to reboot, retool and to revalue some systems of life on Planet Earth so as to assure the continuity of the human species on our Bright Blue Marble.

The pandemic has already infected more than 4.3 million people worldwide and has killed close to 300,000. Some lockdowns of jurisdictions have been extended to push back against the deadly disease and some measures have been relaxed in some places in desperate attempts to restart bleeding and halted economies.

However, new flare ups of COVID-19 have been recorded in Asia, in Europe and in the United States (US) from pre-mature reopening of communities, thus indicating that the persistent, pesky, dangerous, and still mysterious Novel Coronavirus, is far from releasing its devastating wrath upon humanity.

More people will become infected; more people will suffer; and sadly, more people will die from COVID-19. Yet, high wishes remain that a working vaccine would be developed and that the disease would eventually abate.

In the mean time, humanity suffering under this bad and highly contagious pathogen, has witnessed some admirable good signs of a better environment health caused by man's slowing due to the pandemic. Harmful smog has cleared over Asia and Europe revealing azure skies in some places for the first time in decades. Rivers, lakes, seas and oceans appear be enjoying a much needed hiatus from human pollution, while many people are rediscovering values and senses of worth and purpose triggered by immobility and isolation because of COVID-19.

Therefore, it should be apparent that even as some people yearn for a pre-COVID-19 norm, a rational reality however holds that that time is gone and that humanity should embrace a new normal - a healthier and more valued normal that brings opportunity for greater empathy, a greater sense of worthy purpose and a wider respect and protection of our environment. Ahead should be a much heralded time for humanity to reboot toward all good purposes on the other side of COVID-19.