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The Virus and Man - Stark Similaries

Every day since the recognized advent of the deadly Novel Coronavirus into human society, scientists and researchers have repeatedly reported on newly acquired knowledge about the pathogen.

This knowledge has included human-to-human transmission, asymptomatic characteristics, a supposed incubation time, varying strains, other likely means of transmission and the contagion's effects upon differing people, their ages and medical conditions.

In revealing what they have found about the Novel Coronavirus and its disease, COVID-19, scientists admit that they still don't have enough data-generated knowledge of the pathogen. 

Yet, most scientists would confirm that COVID-19 is deadly, easily transcends geographic borders, unrestrictedly populates vast regions, and indiscriminately consumes hosts of any color or creed before it moves onto other unsuspecting human pastures.

Mankind's development is marked by colonization and occupation of lands, the displacement of people, the encroachment upon wildlife habitats, the populating of regions and the depletion of vast natural resources before moving on to conduct the same feat in other places. These human acts mimic the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has thus far, infected more than 2.6 million worldwide and has tragically killed more than 186,000. This pesky mysterious new virus has changed the norm for humanity similar to what human actions have inflicted upon itself over the centuries. 

Humankind needs to continue to fear this sub-microscopic highly contagious agent because it is very capable of causing similar harm, havoc and death that man has himself demonstrated across the globe and over the many centuries of civilization. Stay safe people.