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March 2020

Role of the People, Role of Government in Fighting COVID-19

Practicing good hygiene, plus social distancing and abiding by issued health guidelines are sufficient actions by the people in fulfilling a duty in the battle against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). That is the role of the people - we the people.

Government's role as guarantor of the public health, therefore charges to the government, the necessary supply of arms - PPE's, medical equipment and testing as its responsibility in the fight against the deadly pathogen.

So, if all the people continue to play their roles, then government should be compelled to complete its function and role to safeguarding the health of the people.

Social Distancing - Take It Seriously

As many people in the United States (US) and elsewhere adapt to and cope with the new norm of social distancing, it would appear that most people have come to terms with the seriousness of the dire conditions posed by the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

At the time of writing, worldwide COVID-19 infections number over 760,000 with more than 36,000 deaths. In the US, infections number 155,000 with over 2,800 deaths.

Stay at home guidelines from the US Federal government have been extended to April 30.

Yet Some Beautiful Moments in March Amid Social Distancing

Today's note is brief and personal, very personal, yet I feel compel to scribe - to scribe into the annuals of time, just a sliver of a simple account of an unprecedented time that forever will be etched into the history of generations henceforth:

The month of March has, across my now lengthening years, never failed to deliver the best of times and the most testy of times. And while this could readily be said of almost anyone and of almost any other month of the calendar, March's gifts of weather and seasonal alterations, gives it a permanence of, and for change whether or not it "comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb" or vice-versa.

Fight New York City, Fight States - You Can Pushback COVID-19

My eldest of four Sons - my Harvard Grad, who turned down my offer to render him to a safer location three-weeks ago, is holed up in his home in New York City, New York, along with hundreds of thousands  of other New Yorkers, in efforts to pushback against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Across the United States (US), some 200 million people in 25 States, including myself here in Washington, DC,  have been told to stay at home as local jurisdictions, in lieu of any strong Federal leadership, have instituted their own plans to contain the pandemic that is sweeping across the land.

The Time of the Virus

Undoubtedly, this time of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, represents an abnormal reality for most people effected in some form or another by the pesky and deadly pathogen.

As this pandemic transcends nation to nation, city to city, town to town and community to community infecting hundreds of thousands of people, a new normal has emerged that conflicts with what was regarded as normal life just a few days ago. Worldwide infections now stand at 558,502 with 25,251 deaths. Here in the United States (US), infections have surpassed the total of any other country numbering 91,255 with 1,353 deaths.

A Revelation of COVID-19 - a Shifting Global Sphere of Influence

CNN has reported that amid a video-G20 Summit on COVID-19 between world political leaders, the United States (US) - the wealthiest nation on the Planet, via the Department of State, is asking it's global diplomatic missions to seek from their host nations any excess medical items to help fight the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

As the wealthiest nation seeks to source much needed medical gear from others, a dire picture of the scope of the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, is being manifested in New York City, New York, where disheartening pictures have shown medical staff forced to wear garbage bags as protective gear amid a chronic shortage of PPE's for front line caregivers.

Buying Time - Immersed in the Unknown - Under the Humbling Impact of COVID-19

My two younger sons, along with millions of other students in the United States (US) and across the globe, including Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), the European Union (EU), China and elsewhere, remain out of school and many have been scheduled into distance-learning for the first time ever because of stay-at-home orders across multiple communities to wrestle the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Parents are working from home, or sadly laid off from work because of COVID-19. Supermarkets remain under stocked.

The Test at Hand - COVID-19

The evolution of the human species throughout the ages has never been voided of struggles. From competition to survive, class and race struggles, war, pestilences, economic turbulences and environmental catastrophes, humanity has managed to weather them all to arrive at this time - this 2020.

The resolve of the human race for continuity has triumphed over many hurdles and dangers not by wishing them away, but by applying systematic, scientific and international responses.

Therefore, today, as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to plague the globe inflicting 284,000 people with the disease thus far while killing 11,868; it is paramount that the clear and present danger posed by the pathogen be recognized and accepted as being real.

Playing Catch-up - Too Slow, Too Late Response to COVID-19

Let me very explicit: there is no rational reason why medical and front line workers battling the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the richest country of the world - the United States (US), should ever be under equipped in carrying out their jobs to protecting the health of the Republic.

Hospital workers should not be forced to make their own masks in order to protect the public health. Medical personnel should not be instructed to re-use masks in carrying out their duties of saving lives. Jurisdictions across the US should not have to struggle to find working testing kits for COVID-19.

Speedy Recovery to Health and Normalcy after COVID-19

To all friends, countries and peoples - victims of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), I bid you a speedy recovery to good health and to normal life. And to those who have died, I extend my deepest sorry to your family and loved ones.

As my family and I prepare and await the mathematical surety of greater adverse impacts from the pandemic here in Washington, D.C., United States (US), we do so fearlessly, yet, not stupidly. We continue to follow proper hygiene regiments implored upon me as a boy - washing hands, etc.